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7 Functional Decor You Can Add to Your Living Space

Decor doesn’t just have to exist on your wall, table, or floor like a piece of art; it can often be something more. Something that’s decorative but also functional is just as beautiful as it is practical.

More and more homes are filled with functional decor because it dresses a room while serving a purpose. These 7 interesting pieces will add plenty of personality to your space.

image - 7 Functional Decor You Can Add to Your Living Space
7 Functional Decor You Can Add to Your Living Space

1. Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speaker is an essential home staple now, but the market is oversaturated with boring, rectangular speakers that blend into themselves.

However, plenty of electronic designers has made impressive works of art out of sound equipment. For example, audio by Bang & Olufsen includes a White Beoplay A9 Speaker that sits on a three-leg walnut base.

It hardly even looks like a speaker but fits right in a modern, minimalistic home setting.

Learn more about affordable and stylish Bluetooth speakers at  https://maxyourhometime.com

2. Floating Shelves

Many homes have plenty of wasted wall space that doesn’t include photographs or posters, and it can be challenging to fill these areas with something else.

Shelves, in general, are often large and require a lot of space, but float shelves can just screw into any wall. A cubist floating shelf, which looks like an art piece, can hold multiple books and a small plant.

Rectangular floating shelves are simple yet effective at holding a significant amount of weight with little support.

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3. Desk Lamps

Lamps are endlessly useful for keeping us productive when the sun goes down, but often they’re eyesores in a space that has a specific theme.

Unless your home is 100% modern, it can be hard to find beautiful decorative lamps. However, more retailers are taking note of families that prefer vintage.

The Peaches 24.5” Table Lamp will look great in a Great Gatsby-inspired parlor or a games room that hosts a lot of cocktail or pool tournaments.

4. Storage Ottoman

Some homes prefer to keep toys or books out of sight, but finding unique ways to hide items you use on a daily basis is a constant struggle.

Using a storage ottoman can solve the problem of keeping function in the room without sacrificing style. It’ll also double as extra seating and free up space on chairs and bookshelves.

Roomy and sturdy, you can keep pillows, blankets, and dog toys at arm’s length without having to go into the basement storage regularly.

5. Multi-Tier Nightstand

Nowadays, you’re more likely to find a home without a nightstand than with one. It’s not because they aren’t in demand, it’s just tricky to find a functional nightstand that’s more than a one-tiered shelf to hold your phone or glasses.

A multi-tier nightstand solves overcrowding issues near your bed and keeps important electronics off the floor. Buy one with a cupboard to hide intimate items or things that are an eyesore to your overall home aesthetic.

6. Blanket Ladders

Ladders are pretty useful in the kitchen to reach higher cabinets, but they can also be beautiful decorative pieces that improve once you add towels or scarves.

A lightweight ladder can be sturdy enough to keep and dry clothes but light enough to move around. Instead of throwing all of your clothing on the chair or bed, you can build an outfit on the rungs of the ladder.

Multiple ladders can be helpful if you want to prepare your fashion choices in advance.

7. Wine Bottle Rack

Wine connoisseurs will rejoice at how varied wine holders have become over the past decade. Instead of keeping your collection tucked away or sitting on the kitchen counter, you can display them in style with a piece of art.

For example, the nine-bottle wine rack is a geometric decorative bottle enclosure that is light enough to move to the dining room table.

If you’re looking to get organized without sacrificing style, a wine rack is exactly what you need.

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