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4 Garage Door Designers Worth Checking Out

Garage doors often enhance a property’s exterior in several ways. Aladdingaragedoorscalgary.ca invites prospective customers to read the following piece discussing the benefits of a garage door, attributes of a good garage door repair company, and who are considered four of the best garage door designers.

image - 4 Garage Door Designers Worth Checking Out
4 Garage Door Designers Worth Checking Out

Benefits of a Garage Door

Garage doors often prove to be optimal investments for home and property owners for the following reasons:

Increased Visual Appeal

Garages are often large spaces filled with tools, garbage cans, boxes, vehicles, and a host of other miscellaneous items. Moreover, said areas are not always kept neat and tidy.

A dirty, dusty, cluttered expansion frequently diminishes a property’s visual appeal. Installing a garage door prevents neighbours and passers-by from witnessing such sights.

Moreover, constructions possessing better visual aesthetics are usually tagged with higher resale values.

Reduced Energy Bills

Garages repeatedly exposed to open air often allow excessive amounts of air to enter the interior portions of the structures they surround.

This typically contributes to significant internal temperature alterations. Said events could result in heating and cooling networks to run more consistently.

This continued strain on electrical or fuel sources will likely lead to expensive energy bills. Garage doors prevent the occurrence of this untoward process.


Garage doors also heighten a property’s safety. Thieves or other criminals are often less inclined to attempt any malfeasant behaviour in an enclosed garage.

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Attributes of a Good Garage Door Company

When choosing a specific garage door repair or design establishments, consumers are encouraged to be cognizant of entities displaying the following qualities:


Representatives of most reputable establishments will always be transparent with their customers. Said individuals should be honest about issues such as price, the installation process, and the products they sell.

Moreover, they should respond to consumer inquiries in a timely manner, thoroughly answer questions, and treat prospective consumers as individuals and not merely commissions.

A Good Reputation

Naturally, customers are urged to conduct business with entities enjoying solid reputations. When considering several candidates, the consumer in question should solicit opinions from relations like family and friends and perform careful online searches.

Those with mostly favourable reviews are likely worth doing business with.


The best companies are those able to boast many years in business. Companies do not remain in business for years or even decades by accident.

Establishments with long histories likely possess such an attribute because they perform top garage door repair and installation and display optimal customer service.

Four of The Best Garage Door Designers

Additionally, professional garage door companies will sell and possess the capacity to repair products sold by manufacturers noted for building high-quality materials. The following four designers are rated favourably by industry professionals:


This company has been in existence since 1951. Representatives pride themselves on constructing products designed to fit residential and commercial structures.

Moreover, Amarr products and customer service routinely receive four-star ratings or higher on customer review outlets.

Furthermore, the company’s products, which are available throughout Canada, are all created with superior insulation to foster optimal energy efficiency.


The Raynor corporation is widely recognized as a leader in garage door production in Canada and many other nations. In business since 1944, said establishment specializes in the production of partitions built of steel and aluminum.

Raynor doors are also available in countless colour schemes and can be customized to accommodate a wide array of individual tastes and styles.


Clopay has been around since 1964 and has gained a reputation as one of the leading garage door producers in North America.

This establishment creates a significant variety of commercial and residential features available in numerous styles and colours. Additionally, all Clopay purchases come with one-year guarantees.

Wayne Dalton

Founded in 1954, the Wayne Dalton company has become a standard in the garage door production industry and is highly regarded for building top-notch products and providing exemplary customer service.

Moreover, they are also noted for employing numerous materials to construct their products, including steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fibreglass.