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Garage Doors, Automatic Garage and Sectional Doors

Of course, the gate to the garage – a very important element, I just want it to look good, I don’t want it to be served perfectly either.

image - Garage Doors, Automatic Garage and Sectional Doors
Garage Doors, Automatic Garage, and Sectional Doors

Garage Door

Today buying a garage door is not a problem, there is a wide choice and a wide variety of functional ones. If you are looking for a versatile compact, easy to use – lookout for the sectional or garage doors Roll Kovel and Lutsk.

The most popular buyers are brown garage doors that look like the texture of the tree. When closed, they take up practically the same surface, if the connections between the sections are not taken into account. If necessary, door frames or windows can be mounted on the door leaf.

Lift the garage door with the door

You can order a gate lock with a door. It just depends on the individual needs of the customer and the specifics of the garage.

Installing the door on the door leaf eliminates the need for an additional entry without opening the gate itself. This is very useful if you want to use the garage as a storage space for garden tools and household appliances.

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Sectional Door with One Window

The garage doors with one window are very popular and crazy. Such gates will provide daylight in the garage in the absence of windows.

Convenient and practical when you are in the car repair shop or garage cleaning. No need to use electric lighting. And the level of security remains unchanged. We use special impact-resistant glass for garage doors.

Advantages of Sectional Doors:

  •     Easy installation (no need for load-bearing design).
  •     Universal can be installed almost anywhere.
  •     Safe and reliable.
  •     Ergonomic design.
  •     Meet quality standards.

Manage the design of the garage door:

Before buying a garage door in Lutsk, you need to choose a lifting mechanism.

The mechanical lift uses a manual drive that is fitted with springs to make loading easier.

The automatic lifting and lowering mechanism of the gate work by an electric motor. Can be removed or guided directly from the gate position.

Sectional Garage Door Sizes:

We offer the production of roller doors for the garage in individual sizes. Order a gauge and learn the benefits of installing roller doors and find out the value of the door in your size.

Price of Garage Doors:

One of the most versatile options for installation in a country house or garage is a roller or sectional garage door.

Buying and installing sectional doors in Kovel and Lutsk can literally be in a day. The price of sectional doors consists of the winder, costs portal fabric (size), additional accessories, the choice of coverage.

Calculating the cost of automatic sectional doors also gets information here about installation of automatic gate.

Our Sectional Doors Meet the Highest Quality Standards:

  • Unhindered provision of entry/exit of the car.
  • Secure storage and protection from hackers.
  • Protection of the room from negative external influences: rain, moisture, cold, UV radiation, frost air.
  • At the customer’s request, a wide range of color space.
  •  Low price.
  • Guarantee on the product.
  •  European quality certificate and safety for the whole family.


door design Sectional doors are a comfortable, easy-to-use construction. The variety of designs of such gates and color gamma will satisfy every need of the customer. Lots of colors, textures, and materials. Possibility to install a mechanism that suits you.