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Gas vs. Electric Water Heater: Which One is Right for You?

You wake up one morning, stumble into the bathroom, and turn on the shower to start getting ready for work.

You give it a minute for the water to heat up. Yet when you finally step in, you’re hit by a blast of cold water that instantly slaps all the tired out of you.

image - Gas vs. Electric Water Heater - Which One Is Right for You
Gas vs. Electric Water Heater: Which One Is Right for You?

That might make it easier to wake up in the morning, but it’s not exactly a pleasant way to start your day. It’s even less pleasant when you realize your water heater is dead and it’s time to buy a new one.

What kind should you get? In the battle of the gas vs electric water heater, there are pros and cons to each choice.

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Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters warm your water by burning natural gas. If you already have a gas line to your home or you’d be willing to install one, you could be looking at a few benefits.

Less Expensive to Operate

Whether you have a gas or electric water heater, you need to consider the operational costs. Overall, gas water heaters cost less to run because natural gas is so much less expensive than electricity.

This can vary based on where you are, though. Compare your local natural gas rates to your electricity rates to see the difference.

Faster Recovery Rate

When you shop for water heater’s you may see a recovery rate listed for each one. The recovery rate is how quickly the heater can produce more hot water after it’s fully drained. It’s stated in terms of gallons per hour.

Gas water heaters tend to have a much faster recovery rate than electric models. This makes gas a good choice for homes with many people.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

While gas water heaters have their benefits, there are several advantages to electric water heaters that you can’t overlook.

Avoid Gas-Related Risks

One of the largest concerns with any gas appliance is the risk of a gas leak.

If something goes wrong with the gas line or its connection to the appliance, natural gas can fill your home without you realizing it. This gas could make you sick or even lead to an explosion.

To many homeowners knowing the appliance and its repairs are safer will steer them toward an electric water heater instead.

More Eco-Friendly

If you’re someone who wants to reduce your carbon footprint, an electric water heater is a way to go. Some people mistakenly think that because gas water heaters have lower energy costs, it means they’re more energy-efficient.

In reality, electric water heaters are more efficient. Gas water heaters only cost less because the price of natural gas is so much lower than the price of electricity.

Gas Vs Electric Water Heater: Choosing One for Your Household

A lack of hot water isn’t a problem any homeowner wants to live with. Instead of rushing out and buying the first water heater you see, though, take time to weigh the benefits of a gas vs electric water heater.

Choose the best one for your home and your priorities.

For more helpful information about truly making your home your castle, check out more articles on our blog.

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