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Infrared Space Heater vs. Oil Heater – Which One is the Best?

Space heaters are one of the most important home appliances that we need. So, there is a great variety of numbers of space heaters available in the market. In this post, we will discuss two magnificent categories of room heaters- infrared and oil-filled space heaters.

Both of these heaters are awesome and their service is also outstanding. In the colder months these space heaters sooth your home and give you the best comfort.

Let’s go through the specification and comparative study to choose the right space heating system for your home. It will help you to achieve the best exposure.

image - Oil Heater
Oil Heater

Infrared Space Heater

An infrared heater is a superb kind of technology. It works with a coil that is heating up by a bulb and uses infrared radiations to make warm around the objects.

This type of warmth is great as it does not take too long to make warm and it’s like just an alternative of sunlight heat. It delivers heat quickly and cools around immediately after switching off.

On the other hand, the oil-filled heater is totally different from infrared heaters. It has longer units that look similar to radiators. This type of heaters is closed around with some columns in it.

These columns become heat as there is an oil reservoir in the columns that also circulates the heat around the room. Oil-filled space heaters take a little bit longer time to create heat but it is consistent. After switching off, it cools down slowly.

With all the things mentioned above, you’ll have more or less a clear idea of how they can work best for your needs. And knowing how essential their function is at home, consider seeking the professional service of a residential heating specialist for installation.

Even if a DIY approach to installation is possible, having a professional by your side can make the process faster and more seamless. They can also ensure that each component is installed and working properly. Here you can check collections of heater manuals.

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Comparison of Facts

Though both are great options, they have some basic differences which are the key factors in purchasing the desired one.

Infrared space heaters are a soundless and odorless system that gives quick heat around you. It also very much expert in detecting the objects. So, it targets the objects and warms them. It is really a unique system.

On the other hand, oil-filled space heaters created heat in its radiators first which serves the heat around you. It takes some time to be heated and works afterward.

It may create some smell though not all the time. You won’t be able to see any fire or smoke in that case. It takes some more time to be cooled down than the infrared space heater.

Size & Shape

An oil-filled heater is placed in a fixed place with wheels that is similar to a radiator. It is very much space-efficient.

The infrared system is a box typed device which may be set instead of a fireplace. It is also space and energy-efficient device.

image - Infrared Heater
Infrared Space Heater


The movement of your heating device should be handy. An infrared space heater is very light and easily movable. You will be happy to have an infrared heater in your room.

In comparison, an oil-filled heater is much heavier. Without the wheel, it’s tough to move it for a single person.

Though wheel under it helps to move it easily but moving it upward or downward is really a gigantic work. It can’t place in an open place because kids and pets may be affected if touch it.


Generally, an oil heater can only be used in closed rooms. Meanwhile, an infrared space heater can be used in many locations. For example, it can keep areas like attics, indoors, garages, and even outdoors warm.

In other words, you can use it wherever you want. The primary reason for its versatility is that the heat from an infrared heater can keep your home warm although the surrounding air is cold.


When it comes to safety, both space heaters can be very safe. They come with many safety features, including tip-over protection, overheat protection, automatic shut-off, and certain safety certifications.

However, despite the similarities, an infrared space heater may not be safe to touch because it releases heat through an area protected by a security feature known as a metal grid. But even if this particular area where the heat comes out is safeguarded by the said grid, it still heats up, making the infrared heating equipment unsafe to touch using your bare hands.

Both the options are favored by the customer. Both have some logical options. Both infrared and oil-filled space heaters are very well off. Still, you can choose infrared to get a little bit more benefit.


Generally, both the options are favored by the customer. Both have some logical options. Both infrared and oil-filled space heaters are very well off, which is why whatever you choose, you won’t go wrong. These heaters can be perfect choices for keeping a comfortable ambiance at home. But still, you can choose infrared to get a little bit more benefit if you’re looking for a specific choice.

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