You’ve finally gotten that dream car! After months of saving up. What a fulfilling commitment! Such a vehicle deserves none but the best-built garage. But where can you get such services? Did you find yourself googling “garage construction near me“?

Perhaps you think it’s vain! But you’re not the only American looking to get a beautiful yet functional garage. At least, inhabitants of the 51 states can’t all be vain, eh?

image - Getting the Fitting Garage Construction Near Me

Getting the Fitting Garage Construction Near Me

The United States Census Bureau reported in 2015 that contractors built 600,000 of 795,000 new homes with one or more garages. Deductively, homes with garages are in high demand.

Even if your home lacks a garage, or perhaps you want an extra garage, you needn’t stress. We can help at Refresh Remodeling!

Is Refresh Remodeling the Best Bet at Top-notch Garage Construction Near Me?

Yes, we are! To back such claims up, we are a local award-winner contract in Richmond, Virginia. How come? Besides, how do we stand shoulders tall above other garage construction companies around you?

Have a look at how we work:

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Experience and Certification

Though we started operation in 2015, we won the hearts of all and sundry with our quality constructions. Else, how come we are an award winner contractor?

Furthermore, we have Ben Elliot. Ben is our construction manager and his experience span across 20 years of varied home constructions and modern remodelings.

With Ben’s expertise combined with our hired contractors, you rest easy knowing you’re getting the garage after your heart.

Talking of hired contractors, we only use trained professionals. We do that to maintain the delivery of quality garage services that will delight you.

In addition to experience, we are duly registered and licensed to carry out garage construction in the state. To further ensure you trust us with your garage needs, we are bonded and fully insured. As such, you have protection against any damages or contract misappropriation.


At Refresh Remodeling, we’re not only family-owned; our operations are also fully coordinated by members of the same family.

That means we understand your needs from not only a seller view but also as a family with garage needs. Rest assured that we will be as friendly and approachable as your relatives helping out with a need.

Also, we are a local business, and do you know the thing about local businesses that make them tick? They earn the most trust from customers because of their commitment and dedication to making the former happy.

That’s Refresh Remodeling in summary!

Free Inspections and Estimates

Our family, local orientation led us to offer freebies to our clients – new and old. One of such freebies is our no-obligation inspections.

For these free inspections, all you need do is invite us or have a chat with us. After, we’ll walk you through your garage construction needs. The materials, the prince range, and estimate of job completion!

In addition to free project estimation, we also offer limited discounts. Our discounts are only for first clients, military, senior citizens, and teachers. Nevertheless, we offer all our clients lifetime material warranty.

Would you love to enjoy such deals? Yes?

Reach out today, and let’s get your gorgeous vehicles an even more outstanding garage!