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Is a Tree Worth Saving or Is It Time to Cut It Down?

Trees are a valuable part of a home’s landscaping and will be expensive to replace. So, it is a hard decision to cut down a tree.

When is it time to give up on a tree and have it removed? It may be necessary to consult an expert to make the right decision.

Once we decide a tree needs to come down, it is time to hire a professional with the training and correct equipment to do the job safely.

image - Is a Tree Worth Saving or Is It Time to Cut It Down
Is a Tree Worth Saving or Is It Time to Cut It Down

Hiring a Professional to Save or Remove a Tree

Tucker Enterprise is a company in Oldsmar, FL that is licensed and insured to keep local landscapes healthy, beautiful, and safe.

When there are trees that are storm damaged, old, suffering from disease or insect infestation, it is time to call local professionals to determine if the trees are savable or must be removed.

Then, the trees can be treated, trimmed, or removed as needed. The professionals can advise the homeowner on what steps to take and can also provide new trees and plant them.

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Factors to Consider When Deciding the Fate of a Tree

When a homeowner or a commercial property owner surveys their landscape, they may see trees that are damaged, diseased, insect-infested, or just old and ready to die.

It is important to remove dead or dangerous trees from the landscape and replace them with trees that will be an asset to the landscape. Some factors to consider when looking at existing trees include:

  • Is the tree a good species for the area and this landscape? Some volunteer trees are unattractive, have weak wood, or will drop a lot of debris on the ground.

Other tree types have shallow roots that can damage sidewalks, driveways, or home foundations. Some kinds of trees are prone to local insects or tree diseases. These trees should be removed and replaced by more suitable trees.

  • How damaged is the tree? If a tree is over 50% damaged, it can be considered unhealthy and should be removed. This damage can happen during storms, construction, or other causes.
  • The tree is old and has vertical cracks, large wounds, or internal trunk decay, or is hollow. This tree may be unstable and dangerous and should be removed. Some trees will have fungus growth that indicates tree rot in the trunk.
  • If a tree has an extensive disease or insect damage, it might not be savable and might infect surrounding trees. This tree may become unstable and a danger.
  • The tree is unattractive because of the location of the branches or the way it is growing. Some tree companies can prune these trees to look more attractive. But some trees cannot be made attractive and should be removed.

Some trees will block the light in a yard or coming into a home and need to be pruned or removed so light won’t be blocked.

Why Do You Need a Professional to Prune or Remove a Tree?

You need to hire a professional tree care company to prune or remove large trees because they have the knowledge, training, and equipment to do a good job.

If a tree is pruned incorrectly, it can look unattractive or die. Large trees that need removing can cause damage or injuries if they are not cut down correctly.

A professional can make the large tree fall where it will not do harm. Then, they will cut the tree into smaller pieces and haulm it away, and grind down the tunk.

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