Students, young professionals, and small families do not need to have large homes.

In reality, these populations can rarely afford to buy a home. At the beginning of their studies or careers, most people rent an apartment. But then everyone wants to buy even small, but their own apartments.

An excellent comfortable option can be chosen in the 275 Fontaine Parc complex. It has a pool, lots of greenery, and calm neighbors. The complex is located in a unique location.

Residents can quickly reach the beach, bank, shopping center, and many cozy restaurants. The only catch: you have to think about small space living furniture.

image - Small Space Furnishings With Purpose

Small Space Furnishings With Purpose

How to Choose the Right Furniture for Small Apartments?

Multifunctional furniture is welcome. Also, if possible, it is better to abandon excess interior elements in order to leave as much free space as possible. An excellent example would be:

  • Folding sofas;
  • Folding tables;
  • Bunk beds for children;
  • Cabinets with the vertical opening of the sash, in which the sash turns into a tabletop;
  • Beds that fold down to hide in the wall.

But you should think not only about functionality but also the size and color of the furniture. Do you really need a king-size bed if you live alone? You should also be very careful in choosing the color scheme. Dark furniture looks like it occupies 70% of your room. In such an environment, it seems as if there is not enough air.

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Change Your Habits Gradually!

If you are looking for a small apartment, think in advance about how you will equip it. The number and functionality of furniture depend on the number of family members.

If you do not want to live in an apartment, since you have spent your whole life in a house, try renting an apartment in a townhouse first. The Altis Bonterra complex offers excellent options. And the adjoining territory includes:

  • Pools with seawater;
  • Green spaces;
  • Playgrounds;
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles.

Visual Interior Design in Small Rooms

Try to use all the space. A window with an empty wide sill looks great in a large house where there is enough space. If you are furnishing a small apartment, use all the free surfaces.

The windowsill will perfectly replace the table or become its continuation. In general, any built-in furniture made to order will help to find a use for every square centimeter of the area. Also, such furniture compositions look more holistic.

Diverse surfaces and many shades visually break the space, making the room even smaller. The overall composition of built-in furniture of the same color will make the smallest kitchen or bedroom more comfortable and wider.

Small Space Solutions

The smaller your apartment is, the fewer things should be in them. Do not try to fit cute flowerpots and figurines into the interior. Any decorative elements create the effect of chaos and trash.

The golden rule of small apartments says that everything should be useful. If the thing is just beautifully worth it, you need to get rid of it. Modern designers even suggest using lightweight folding furniture instead of bulky stationary ones.

Folding chairs even look visually lighter and airier. Benches and poufs with an inner storage box are other great ideas.


In any case, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable at home. What really affects your comfort is a good neighborhood and good neighbors.

Still, if you have the opportunity to hire a furniture designer to furnish a small apartment, do it. You will be surprised that you did not notice the obvious things before. And you will use the space in the apartment 100%!