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Getting Your Student Room Ready for Winter Holidays

Soon the bells will be ringing and the mistletoe hanging. Everyone will exchange presents or leave them under the Christmas tree.

image - Getting Your Student Room Ready for Winter Holidays
Getting Your Student Room Ready for Winter Holidays

And Santa Claus will visit the obedient and punish the naughty. Let the Christmas spirit in!

Sure, you’re already choosing presents and buying Christmas sweaters. While anticipating holidays, check our steps on how to turn your dim dormitory room into a cozy Christmas spot.

Tastes and Smells

Did you know that the human nose is the most sensitive part when it comes to perceiving the world around you? As humans, we remember and recognize smells better than pictures or sounds.

While the smell of turkey will remind you of Thanksgiving, the pine odor is a direct path to Christmas memories.

Unfortunately, your mind might be piled up with college essays reminders instead of pleasant holiday recollections.

If you are wondering, “Who will Write My Research Paper for Me?” leave your college essays to professionals to save time and enjoy the preparation. For holidays – not exams.

The Best Tastes and Odors to Tickle Your Holiday Buds Come From:

  • Ginger Cookies. Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly baked pastry? To spice that holiday feeling, check the recipes for ginger cookies online. Call your friends and do the baking together!
  • Cinnamon and Coriander. Perfect ingredients for the pastry and mulled wine. Don’t feel like drinking? Take dry cinnamon and coriander, cut them in chunks, and strew the parts over the window and night table;
  • Mulled Wine. If you don’t have the nicest kitchen in the dormitory to enjoy mulled wine, check the nearest bar. Even cafes make this beverage during the holiday season;
  • Scented Candles. What a winter holiday without candles? Buy a few and light them when the Christmas mood strikes. The cherry on top of the variety of Christmas candles is mind-blowing. Pine, orange, chestnut, ginger list goes on and on. Check it yourself!


What or who (pun intended) screams Christmas louder than lights? Probably, only Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney. But no one ever heard him. Hence, that makes Christmas lights the greatest remainder of the holiday season.

The best part is that you don’t need an actual Christmas tree to hang the lights on. Shape your Christmas lights into a Christmas tree right on the wall and say ‘no!’ to global warming. What are the special lights to choose from for the holiday season?

  • Christmas Lights. The most trivial (in a good way) option for New Year and Christmas. Wrap your Christmas wreath in lights and hang it on the door, and you’re ready to celebrate!
  • Fairytale Lights. These ones are like Christmas lights but with tinier light bulbs. Fairytale lights are the best for walls and windows;
  • Candles. Make sure your roommates don’t mind some smoke. Be careful when installing them in close proximity to inflammable objects like sprays. Otherwise, candles make a great festive decoration.

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Add the Holiday Touch

Once you’re finished with the hardest decoration, move to the softer elements.

You don’t expect your guests to stare at the Christmas lights all evening, right? Instead, put everyone in Christmas clothes and surround them with holiday reminders. Confused about how to do it? Follow the guideline below.

  • Stockings. Hang the holiday stockings with the guests’ names on the wall. The fireplace would have been a great spot, but your dormitory room doesn’t have one? Improvise.

Take the colorful lights and stick them to the wall in a fireplace shape. Or buy an actual fireplace sticker (make sure it’s removable);

  • Dish Towels and Bath Towels. If you have a separate bathroom and a kitchen corner, add some towels with deers and Santa Claus on them;
  • Sweaters and Slippers. No need to buy new ones. Some hand-made festive elements will do fine.

For instance, you may cut out a snowflake, add a few beads and stick it to the sweater. Or organize a costume party to avoid the DIY troubles.

Trees and Music

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the tree. There’ll be thousands of Christmas trees lying in bundles all over the world.

Trees and Music

But do you really need a freshly cut tree in the world of global warming and angry roommates? Again, there is an easy solution.

  • Buy an Artificial Tree. A tiny plastic tree will do well. Find decorations or make ones with your own hands and hang them on the newly arrived Christmas tree. Light a pine-flavored candle and enjoy your holiday!
  • Turn on Some Christmas music. Find Christmas playlists on Youtube. Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin – the list of holiday singers are endless! You can also go for that special Hogwarts vibe while listening to ‘Christmas in Hogwarts’ playlists. Or the songs from ‘Home Alone.’ Yes, Youtube is your best DJ.

Stock Your Pantry

It’s easy to get lost while turning your room into a fairytale fantasy. Food fuels your body. Yet don’t forget to stock your refrigerator with delicious holiday meals.

Certainly, you may skip this step and get a take-out from the nearest restaurant. But pizza or sushi won’t put you in a festive mood. We assure you there are a plethora of choices that are not stuffed turkey.

What to cook for Christmas?

  • Cranberry Brie Bites. Perfect appetizers for the fans of cheese, cranberry, and pecans. The best thing about the bites is the filling one can change. Not a fan of sugar? Make your brie bites herby!
  • Peppermint Bark. A semi-sweet candy with two layers of black and white chocolate spiced with some peppermint. The ingredients are easy to find, while the only equipment you’ll need is a microwave and a freezer;
  • White Christmas Margaritas. The secret ingredient is a can of coconut milk. Decorate the glass with a few cranberries and enjoy the drink!

Don’t forget cookies and milk for Santa!

Final Thoughts

Christmas time is a great reminder of the things that really matter. Money won’t buy you good friends or loving parents.

In the end, Christmas is all about being grateful to the ones we love and sharing happiness with them.

But don’t be sad if you have to spend your Christmas far from the family. You have all resources to welcome Christmas to your dormitory room.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Merry Christmas!