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The Ultimate Guide to an Outdoor Christmas Lights Display

Christmas is just around the corner and the level of excitement is becoming pretty obvious. Everyone wants to decorate their homes and Christmas trees.

Every big store is displaying Christmas hangings like lights, figures, and decorations. So, you get an idea. You want to create your own outdoor Christmas lights display.

image - The Ultimate Guide to an Outdoor Christmas Lights Display
The Ultimate Guide to an Outdoor Christmas Lights Display

If would like to learn how to wow your neighbors and how to pick the best outdoor Christmas lights, then this ultimate guide is for you. We are going to share a few tips that you can use to create your own festive display.

Plan Ahead

When vacations are here, we are all in a rush to do and complete every single task that lies ahead of us. When Christmas time is approaching, all we want to do is to hang every single string of light we have around the house.

But when you create your Christmas display in a rush, you might come across a meshwork of tangled strings of lights. On top of this, you will realize that half of these lights are no longer working.

Therefore, it is best to plan ahead rather than keep running to the closest shop to purchase more and more Christmas lights. Start at least a few weeks before Christmas, sort out last year’s decorations, and then evaluate how many lights you need to buy.


Another important aspect you must consider is the design you want to have around every bit of your house. This is especially important for outdoor festive displays as there are more logistics that you need to take into consideration, such as electrical plugs and the length of the lights.

Look at the different trees and bushes in your garden. There are endless ways to enhance your garden area with Christmas tree lights. You should always place the Christmas tree in front of your window and decorate it with multi-colored lights.

This is going to light up the beauty of both your outdoor and indoor spaces. You can add as many decorations as you’d like. Your Christmas outdoor space is going to make your festive season memorable.

Balance is Key

Every décor requires balance. If you love to hang lights everywhere, make sure you are covering all the aspects of your garden and house. Use common sense. Sporadic fighting isn’t going to go well with the surroundings.

You can also hang roof lights, though you need to ensure that the lights don’t touch the floor to avoid tripping hazards. In addition, you can use Moroccan-style lanterns or flames to add glimmer and shine to the overall outdoor area.

But remember that balance is key, so sometimes less is more. It is better to have fewer lights but with a better balance, rather than a mess of string lights all over your garden.


Figure out all the different decoration elements you want to use in your garden. Then with the help of a measuring tape, place down the lights and measure their length. This way, you know how much area you can cover.

When you start hanging the lights and decorations on the trees and bushes in your garden, it is best to leave them a little loose. This ensures that a balance is kept and that the decorations don’t look too messy.

Electricity Access in your Garden

Determine where the electrical sockets are and how long the area is, from the Christmas tree lights to the socket. It might be useful to use extension cords to spread the lights. This way the whole area will be lit up and there won’t be any damage.

This whole process can be tiring. You should always hand it over to a professional or specialized company if you are organizing the party on a large scale.

Apart from electric sockets, make sure that kids are not revolving around the area. To ensure the safety of kids and everyone, cover the electric sockets with shields.

Check Your Lights

Don’t rush to the store to buy a great number of lights. Sort down the lights you have at home. And by the different light styles that you don’t have yet. When you purchase the lights, make sure that the bulbs are not broken and the cords aren’t damaged at all.

This way you will save up the hassle and money to buy more unnecessary lights. Outdoor Lights play a major role in the design and brightness of your outdoor space. Make sure all the lights work well together.

Buy different colored lights or opt for different shades and designs to make your garden look unique and beautiful. Enjoy this Christmas season with an outdoor festive display that wows!

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