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How to Choose the Right Paint Sprayer

Painting is one of the tasks that hate doing the most. Initially, the painting was done using special brushes. The paint splashes on people’s bodies while painting causing some infections like a skin disease. The invention of paint sprayers has made painting so easy and within a short time.

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How to Choose the Right Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is a special type of canister that is usually filled with the paint up to a certain level, sometimes uses air to blow out the paint to the surface that is to be painted.

Some paint sprayers have one while others have a number of nozzles and they all work by sending a mist of paint to the surfaces.

Many people have been experiencing problems when it comes to painting because they do not get the right gadgets to use.

This article will describe a paint sprayer, what it does, and some other types of paint sprayers. It will also highlight the precautions to be used when dealing with best paint sprayer.

What A Paint Sprayer Does

A paint sprayer is mostly used for painting surfaces. It used a nozzle or nozzles to spray out the paint. It sends out a mist of paint onto the surfaces.

It overrides bumps, cracks, gaps, and other imperfections of surfaces that could damage painting brushes and painting rollers.

A paint sprayer atomizes the liquid paint into a fine mist therefore, it creates a mirror-like painted surface and can also be used to paint parts of the furniture or cabinets that cannot be reached by a brush or a painting roller.

It uses an air compressor gun to force out air that forces the paint out.

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Types of Paint Sprayers

There are different types of paint sprayers. They include;

1. Conventional Paint Sprayer

It is also known as a compressed air paint sprayer. It is a traditional version of a paint sprayer that applies thin coats of paint using the spray gun that is attached to a pressurized tank through a high-pressure hose.

It is very expensive so, it is important to rent one than purchase a new one.

This sprayer is mostly used for painting kitchen cabinets for it creates a smooth and professional-looking finish. Surfaces painted using this type of sprayer have a good look and feel.

It produces a large amount of spray that is hard to control because of the powerful air compressor used. This problem can only be addressed using a small size nozzle that will help in optimizing the pattern of the spray and its flow.

2. High-Volume Low-Pressure Paint Sprayer (HVLP)

This type of paint sprayer uses build-in electric turbines that are small and compress air to apply the paint. They are affordable and cost approximately $150. They are popularly used for home projects.

This type of paint sprayer is ideal for small-scale jobs like painting kitchen cabinets.

 This type of paint sprayer produces a small amount of spray at a time. It is the most accurate and helps to minimize mess. High volume low-pressure sprayers use air caps to deliver paint but the paint is not very smooth like for Conventional paint sprayers.

3. Low Volume Low Air Pressure (LVLP)

This type of paint sprayer uses an air compressor that has a hose for powering a spray gun. It works with a relatively small and low-power air compressor.

It produces patterns of spray that are very small and therefore take more time to paint a surface in a cabinet. It minimizes wastes since the paint produced is very small.

4. An Airless Paint Sprayer

This type of paint sprayer is the most powerful and is usually powered by an electric motor. It pumps the paint at a pressure of up to 3200 PSI. It produces thick coats of paint, therefore, reduce the number of coats that should be applied hence saving on time.

This prayer produces a large amount of paint and is therefore suitable for large-scale projects. It uses a small tip and is most suitable for multiple projects.

5. Electrostatic Paint Sprayers

This is a type of paint sprayer that helps to minimize the wastage of paint. It is the most expensive sprayer but the best and is mostly used by many people.

How to Choose the Right Paint Sprayer?

1. The Type of Pain to Be Used

Different paint sprayers are suited for a different types of paints. When you use a paint sprayer that is not designed for that specific type of paint, you may not obtain the desired results.

2. Amount of Needed Paint

Some paint sprayers produce a large amount of paint while others produce a small amount of paint. Depending on the number and size of nozzles, the paint produced differs.

It is therefore important to check the amount of paint that is needed for one to choose the best paint sprayer.

3. The Material or Surface to Be Painted

Some materials need fine and smooth paint-like a kitchen cabinet while others need not smooth paint-like most walls.

4. The Speed of Application

Different paint sprayers have different speeds of application. There are those of high-speed application and small speeds application.

5. Scale of Work

Large-scale projects require paint sprayers that are very fast and suitable for large-scale projects like airless paint sprayers.

Precautions for Using a Paint Sprayer

 There are precautions to be taken when using a paint sprayer like;

1. Wearing Protective Clothing

Paint affects the skin therefore protection against paint splash is most important. The protective clothing should be light so that it does not become so tiresome to move around with. These clothing include gloves, helmets among others.

2. Spray In a Well-Ventilated Area

The chemicals used to in mixing the paint are very harmful and when inhaled can cause health-related issues therefore painting should be done in an open area.

3. Do Not Point Guns at Yourself

The guns that release the paint should face far away from you so that you do not spray yourself with the paint.

4. Keep Them Away from Sauces of Fire

Paint is mixed with highly flammable ingredients therefore keeping them close to fire sauces can cause a fire.


In summary, paint sprayers are very good to use as they paint all the parts of the surfaces that brushes and rollers cannot reach. They are of different types and one should be careful to ensure that they pick the exact one they need.

Painting can generally cause health issues therefore people should be careful and follow all the precautions so that they are not affected by the paint. It is also very important to determine the type of surface to be painted so that you can use the best sprayer.