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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are one of the biggest undertakings for homeowners. Between decisions that have to be made, and the cost involved, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up before you begin. Instead of feeling intimidated, let these tips help guide you with your bathroom renovation.

image - Here’s What You Need to Know Before Your Next Bathroom Renovation
Here’s What You Need to Know Before Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Come Up with A Design Plan

The first thing you need to do is come up with a solid plan. Why are you remodeling your bathroom? Does it need some TLC to sell your home? Are you looking for a place to call your own? Get specific with your needs and write everything down before you get started. This will help you prevent any costly mistakes throughout the process.

Create Much-Needed Space

If your home was built with a builder-grade bathroom, it probably wasn’t designed to maximize space. This is an area you get to not only be creative but give yourself the extra storage we all need.

By adding built-in shelving and cabinets, you can add storage without sacrificing square footage. If your bathroom has low ceilings, install recessed lighting to bring a feeling of openness.

You can even install built-ins in your shower to hold toiletries, helping you to organize your showering supplies.

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Consider Whether You Need a Bathtub

Everyone loves the idea of taking a long hot bath, but how often do you actually use the tub? Many homeowners have chosen to remove the tub and install a larger shower to give them the space they truly need.

A plumber in Langley can properly remove an old bathtub and build your new, luxury shower. If later you decide you need a day of relaxation, book a spa day.

Select Durable, Long-Lasting Surfaces

Your surfaces, such as countertops and cabinetry, will add to the beauty of your bathroom decor. But you have to be careful when choosing surfaces for your bathroom.

Anything that goes into your bathroom has to hold up well to extensive moisture. If you choose the wrong material or don’t have it treated properly, you risk mold, mildew, and rot.

Eventually, your bathroom will require expensive repairs that could have been avoided.

Bring in Personal Touches

While you are remodeling your bathroom, this is a good time to consider how you want to personalize it. Is there a light fixture you have always had your eye on? Do you have a favorite quote framed? Making the space personal will make it feel like home. Just don’t forget to consider resale when choosing any permanent fixtures.

Pick The Right Flooring for Your Needs

Your flooring needs to be able to handle the bathroom environment, just as your surfaces do. Ceramic and porcelain tile comes in a wide variety of patterns and styles, making them an ideal match for nearly any decor. They are also incredibly moisture resistant. For some softer touches, you can add area rugs for comfort.

Make It a Relaxing Space

The bathroom is one of the few rooms of your house where you can expect privacy. So, this should be a place where you can completely unwind. By installing a sauna, you can turn your bathroom into your own spa.

An essential oil diffuser will allow you to customize the atmosphere with aromatherapy. You can also create a basket of lotions and scrubs to pamper your skin after a stressful day.

Think About Your Future Needs

You may not think that right now is the time to consider what your bathroom will need to look like as you age, but depending on your stage in life, these can be important considerations.

If you plan to retire in your home, you may want to skip the claw-foot tub, which can be difficult to get in and out of as we get older. Consider whether or not you will get any long-term use out of your investments.

With the right plan, you can create a beautiful bathroom to admire. Once your renovation is complete, you can add energy-efficient fixtures to help save on your utility bills, and finish off your decor by bringing in plants or other accents for color and the feeling of warmth.

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