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Become the Favorite Friend! 9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Another invitation to a housewarming party means another chance for you to show your gift-giving prowess.

Before you reach for another candle or bottle of wine, think about what a new homeowner really wants. The best new homeowner gifts fill a need, add a personal touch, or make the new space instantly inviting and homey.

Gift Ideas for New Homeowners
Become the Favorite Friend! 9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Consider the personality, style, and needs of the recipient for bonus points. A millennial buying a first home needs more of the basics. A friend who’s upgrading may prefer something quirky or decorative.

Win the prize for a most thoughtful friend when you show up with one of these gift ideas for new homeowners.

9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

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  1. Smart Home Gadgets

Get your friend’s new home off to a modern start with smart gadgets. Consider a smart home hub or speaker for easy access to virtual assistants.

Smart Wi-Fi-enabled outlets give the new homeowner remote control over devices and help save energy. Some outlets include USB ports for easier device charging while leaving the plug spots open.

  1. Soft Items

Boost the coziness of the new home with a soft, plush throw blanket. Choose one with an appealing texture and pretty pattern. Or pick out a few throw pillows that showcase the recipient’s personality, either through pattern, graphic designs, or fun quotes.

  1. Cute Welcome Mat

New homeowners often focus on decorating inside. Give them a boost outside with a cute or clever welcome mat.

Find a mat that has an image related to the homeowner’s interests, such as a bicycle or a favorite animal. Printed mats that say “hello” or “glad you’re here” offer a modern twist on the usual “welcome” message.

  1. Decorative Bowl

Offer something that’s beautiful and functional with a decorative bowl. Depending on the type, bowls can work for serving food for gatherings or for holding decorative items as an everyday centerpiece.

Go for something versatile and timeless like these black clay bowls for sale featuring a clean yet stunning design. They look just as great on their own as they do fill with decor items.

  1. Quirky, Functional Pieces

Add a little personality to your friends’ kitchen with useful tools with fun or decorative designs. Gift a set of measuring cups shaped like an animal or taco holders shaped like dinosaurs or some personalized coffee mugs with name or quirky quotes. Look for designs that match your friends’ personalities, interests, and decorating style.

  1. Metal Straws

Help the new homeowners save money and the environment with metal straws. This kitchen option will get more use than a pineapple corer or avocado slicer, and it’s a unique conversation starter. You can even start using them right away at the housewarming party.

  1. Moscow Mule Mugs

Let’s face it. Buying a new house is stressful. And Moscow mules aren’t going anywhere.

Combine the two by gifting your friends a set of Moscow mule mugs and the ingredients to make the drink. They can crack open the bottles and relax over a few drinks. Plus, the copper mugs look great on display in their new kitchen or bar area.

  1. Home State Memorabilia

Are your friends moving out of state? Keep them connected to their roots with something related to their home state. A decorative map print or a wooden cutout of the state’s shape are two easy-to-find options.

  1. Personalized Items

Put a customized spin on the gift with personalized decor or functional items. Have a wooden cutting board engraved with a monogram or last name. Order a custom wall sign with the homeowner’s name. For other personalized ideas check out this awesome website.

If the holidays are coming up, consider a personalized first home ornament. It’s the perfect first ornament to hang on their tree this year.

Best Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

What are your favorite gift ideas for new homeowners? Putting a little extra thought into it helps you stand out as your favorite friend. Check out more articles on home improvement or design ideas to spruce up your own place.

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