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Ground Floor vs. Second Floor Extensions: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re thinking an extension could meet the needs of your growing family or home-based business, then the next question is what kind of extension?

Two common varieties of extensions popular in suburban Melbourne are the ground floor extension and the second storey extension.

This article will take a look at the advantages of each of these home improvements.

image - Ground Floor vs. Second Floor Extensions - Which Should You Choose
Ground Floor vs. Second Floor Extensions – Which Should You Choose

The Benefits of First Floor Extensions

Wondering if a first-floor addition will suit you best? Here are the situations where a first-floor extension could be the optimal solution to your need for space:

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A Little More Room

You need an extra room or two which could be accommodated by building outwards rather than upwards.

Whereas two storey extension usually provides multiple new rooms, if your needs are more modest, a first-floor house extension could provide enough space.

More Living Space

You want extra space in addition to the existing main living areas in your home. If you desire more living space for entertaining or a new kitchen or bathroom, then building out from an existing room to make it larger can be accomplished with a first-floor addition.

Limited Budget

You don’t have the budget to buy a new bigger house in your preferred suburb of Melbourne. If you require more room due to a growing family or another reason but you can’t afford to buy a larger property in the same suburb, then a house extension could be a less costly option.

You Like Your Suburb

You don’t want to move house because you like the amenities in the area of the city you currently live in.

If you love the area you live in but your only problem is a lack of space, you can solve this through a well-budgeted ground floor extension.

You Lack Council Approval & Time

You don’t have the budget, time or council permission to extend upwards from the first floor of your home.

Getting around all the red tape for a double-storey addition can be frustrating and time-consuming, and permission isn’t always granted. Sidestep these issues with a first-floor addition.

You Want Control over Costs

You want a house extension that’s carefully budgeted, with all costs stated upfront. Most building companies are transparent around costs and will put everything in writing for you before building works even begin.

The Benefits of a Second Storey Extension in Melbourne

In addition to the advantages of a first-floor addition, a second storey extension in Melbourne offers other benefits, including:

You Get Lots More Room

If you need quite a lot of additional room in your home for young kids or entertaining, you might consider a second storey extension.

More can be accomplished in terms of adding new rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and extra bedrooms to give your home a complete overhaul.

You Want a Cost-Effective Solution

It may sound like second storey extensions would be more expensive than ground floor ones, but that’s simply not the case.

This is because many of the factors that can increase the cost of a ground floor extension aren’t an issue when you build upwards.

This includes things like avoiding poor property access, tree complications, and land sloping which can affect excavation.

You Get to Keep Your Garden Space

If you love your garden and don’t want to infringe on it with an extension, then a second storey extension could be for you.

You can keep your gardens, entertaining areas and kids’ play areas intact. You can also leave room for any future changes you might want to make, including a swimming pool, tennis court or vegetable garden.

What is the Cost to Add a Second Storey or Ground Floor Extension?

The cost of an extension project will vary depending on many factors. These may include property access, the location of nearby trees, the soil condition and the slope of the land. Of course, the nature of the changes you want to be made will also affect pricing.

If you’re concerned about costs, you should choose a building company that has good ratings and an excellent reputation. They should state all the costs upfront in a fixed fee type arrangement to ensure costs don’t blow out.

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