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A Guide to Shelter Services in Mexico

Outsourcing the production work to a foreign country can often be considered as a difficult task by many manufacturing executives.

However, companies that provide services like shelter manufacturing have the tendency to simplify the process.

There are many companies that provide shelter services in Mexico, Tacna is one of the popular ones.

image - A Guide to Shelter Services in Mexico
A Guide to Shelter Services in Mexico

What Do You Mean by Shelter Services?

Manufacturing in Mexico is often considered to be a risky business by individuals who give preference to the security of trade within the boundaries of their hometown.

However, setting foot in Mexico with a business mind is not as complex as it seems.

Shelter manufacturing service allows foreign manufacturers to set up a maquiladora without going through any of the red tapes of opening a Mexican company.

Why Is Mexico Considered to Be Superior for Shelter Manufacturing?

Mexico is being recognized for being extremely suitable for the purpose of shelter manufacturing as the country offers a deep pool of highly trained and skillful workers for wages lower than Chinese wages.

Manufacturing inputs and finished products that are manufactured in Mexico are also eligible for duty-free import and export.


What Are Some of The Benefits of Shelter Manufacturing in Mexico?

Many complex aspects of establishing a foreign successful plant can be avoided or simplified through a simple contract of partnership.

Companies that are willing to invest would not have to worry about hiring a taskforce, integrating with a different culture, learning a new tax regime, or even the supply chain.

Instead, investments can be made into core manufacturing functions and increasing product quality. The rest is handled by the embedded shelter partner.

Some other additional benefits of shelter manufacturing in Mexico are listed down below.

  • A swift start-up experiences
  • Recruitment of labour via experienced Mexican professionals
  • The best possible wage for labour
  • Insider access to trusted vendors and providers on location
  • No Mexican income tax

What Are the Different Types of Shelter Companies in Mexico?

There are different types of companies that provide various kinds of shelter services in Mexico. Some of these companies and their functionality are listed down below.

1. Manufacturing Communities

These organizations provide the investors with typical Mexico shelter plan services such as legal assistance on IMMEX registration, compliance with local labour laws, and permit requirements.

They also own and rent Mexican industrial real estate to their clientele. Basically, your company will only be responsible for getting the supply chain ready for production.

2. Full Shelter Service

Full shelter service companies offer the same essential administrative services provided by the manufacturing communities. However, they do not own any real estate

3. Mexico Shelter Company for Start-ups

They serve the purpose of helping the companies to set up and start operating properly, after that, they step aside, and the control is taken over by the manufacturer alone.

4. Pick and Choose Shelter Services

As the name indicates, these companies provide the manufacturers with the option to pick and choose from a list of shelter service offerings.

Companies having specific ideas on the area they want to invest in can benefit from these companies.