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A Guide to Chinoiserie: What You Should Know Before Shopping?

Decorating the interior of a home needs a special type of antiques. It is important to come with stylish and attractive interior decors that will elevate the charm of the home.

Chinoiserie is a traditional Chinese decorative art that will surely make your living room appealing.

image - A Guide to Chinoiserie - What You Should Know Before Shopping
A Guide to Chinoiserie – What You Should Know Before Shopping

If you are eyeing to design your home, it is important to know how Chinoiserie will assist you to meet your decorative needs.

The History of Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is derived from the French word ‘Chinois’ which means Chinese. It is basically an art that can be seen in various decorative items.

It doesn’t come from China itself but it is a result of the cultural exchange between Europe and China in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In that period, the chinoiserie style has enjoyed the top of popularity. Most of the Europeans who have traveled to China were astonished by the rich culture and art.

They learn every aspect of this art and they try to make it in their homeland. Still, Chinoiserie design is enjoying the highest popularity in the world.

Note These Things before Going to Shop Chinoiserie

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  • Foo Dogs

Foo dogs have a long history and it is related to Imperial China. According to many, these are not actually dogs but they are lions and they are commonly made to stand outside the palaces and temples to guard them.

Foo dogs mainly come with pairs, one is male and another one is female. They are all about to represent the balance of yin and yang.

  • Pagodas

According to many historians, pagodas actually originated in India. These were mainly represented as sacred sites. When Buddhism got popular in China, this art came to this country.

However, Chinese artists have given it their indigenous touch and it has got its Chinese style.

  • Nature Scenes

When wallpapers got popular in European homes, rich families often preferred to use costly and huge wallpapers in their homes. Most of the rich families turned to chinoiserie design.

Most of them are handmade and they are costlier than others. Artists drew a number of natural scenes like lush gardens, vignettes, and sprawling floral motifs.

  • Dragons

Dragons are the most famous beast in Chinese mythology. It symbolizes strength and good luck. Most of the emperors had preferred dragon motifs in clothing and interiors.

At the present time, it is popular and people use it in various art pieces like silkscreens, ceramics, and other works of art. This is the most popular chinoiserie used in various homes.

  • Furnishing and Materials

A number of people use a different type of chinoiserie furnishings in their homes. They come with outstanding designs and attractive colors. Faux Bamboo and lacquered wood are considered as the most popular materials for chinoiserie furnishing.

There are traditional Asian lacquerware pieces that perfectly work of art and they need high skill to be perfectly crafted. Most of the time, artists use certain traditional techniques that have been honed over centuries.

To properly achieve lacquer’s signature shine, an artisan must coat a piece of furniture with different layers of tree sap.

After the finishing of the glossy finish, lacquer pieces are always further embellished with hand-painted scenes, intricate carvings and inlaid details.

You can go to Sydney Antiques by the Vault in order to purchase these kinds of impressive designs for your home.

  • The Ceramics

According to many, porcelain and ceramics are known as the most popular elements of chinoiserie. This is because they come with an attractive look and they need highly skilled artists who are not possible with ordinary craftsmen.

Most of the European designers have copied Ming-style blue and white patterns.

They mainly applied them on bases, a different type of jars, and tea sets but they are not efficient to properly replace the original Chinese porcelain. So, they didn’t get the popularity that they were anticipated.

Initially, ginger jars were primarily functional and they were serving as storage containers in China. Most of the ginger jars were used in ancient Chinese homes.

When the jars were imported to Europe, they mainly got popularity due to their look. Most of the Europeans purchased them to decorate their homes and still they are being used as the decorative accents in maximum European homes.

Still, they have this reputation. However, these chinoiserie products are popular for their unique designs and appealing look.

They are available at an affordable price and everyone can easily purchase them to decorate their home.


Chinoiserie is an art form that is entirely inspired by the world. The fusion of European design and East Asian artistic traditions come with an outstanding result.

This art form is ageless. Homeowners can easily get an overwhelming response when they have chinoiserie antiques.

So, people who want to give their interior a unique look, they should purchase chinoiserie designed products to their homes.