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High-End Interior: 5 Most Coveted Luxury Home Design Ideas

In an online survey, 47 per cent of Americans admitted that they haven’t redecorated their home in the last five years.

Are you ready to transform your home with a beautiful new luxury home design?

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image - High-End Interior: 5 Most Coveted Luxury Home Design Ideas
High-End Interior: 5 Most Coveted Luxury Home Design Ideas

If you’re longing for something a bit more luxurious, keep reading for five tips that will take your home from stylistically rudimentary to aesthetically deluxe.

1. Lighting

The right lighting is absolutely essential to interior design.

You can choose to use lighting in many of the following ways:

  • To highlight art pieces around your home
  • Brighten bookshelves
  • Set a certain mood for a room
  • Brighten small spaces
  • Make a room feel cosier or cooler

Light fixtures also play a huge role in the overall design of a room. A beautiful chandelier can instantly make your space feel more expensive. Oftentimes, light fixtures will set the tone for how the rest of a room is decorated.

2. Statues

Sculptures are a beautiful way to add character to a room. Try to mix and match different kinds of statues until you get your desired look.

For example, in many cultures, certain kinds of animals are known to bring prosperity, and good luck. If your interior design is hugely inspired by the Indian culture, you may want to include statues of elaborately painted elephants.

Smaller figurines are also a great choice if your space is limited.

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3. Texture

When looking for ways to make your home feel more luxurious, the texture is your best friend. The great thing about texture is that you can add it to your design in many different forms.

You can add texture to your wall by installing authentic or mock brick. Or, you can choose to add texture through tufted furniture, velvety fabrics, and faux-fur rugs.

The best part about adding texture is that it doesn’t have to break your budget. You can find textured furniture or decor pieces on websites such as Ikea, Allamoda Furniture, Amazon, etc.

4. Pillars and Paintings

Pillars are striking architectural elements that will immediately create a positive focal point for your indoor or outdoor area. Tall columns will bring the time-travelling feel of ancient Greece and Rome decor to your home, and make any visitor feel like royalty.

If deciding on a wall colour seems to be a daunting task for you, you can opt to keep your wall colour neutral. From there, add colours through artwork such as paintings.

5. Embrace the Elements

Water is very tranquil, but so is nature in general. Adding indoor fountains, or creating an illusion of having an entire wall of water could inspire peace of mind.

If you are surrounded by trees and other greenery, install a large picturesque window. That will allow for a serene view of the wind blowing in the surrounding foliage and can spark creativity.

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a fireplace. Fire creates physical and emotional warmth and comfort.

Start Using These Luxury Home Design Ideas

Luxury home design ideas are way more abundant than what is included in this list. One thing to always remember is that any design style that brings you happiness and makes your home feel invaluable to you, is already luxurious.

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