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Hiring a Painting Company? Do Your Research First!

Life is a blank piece of paper without colors in it. Paint is the thing that makes our lives vivid and full of emotions. There is a very old and efficient way to make our lives better by painting our surroundings in various attractive colors.

The color you choose to put on the walls of your home shows the kind of personality you possess. In the past, painting was done by peasants and workers, but now, the trend has changed.

People now hire painting companies that make their lives colorful for a decent price.

image - Hiring a Painting Company? Do Your Research First!
Hiring a Painting Company? Do Your Research First!

Painting is a very difficult thing to do and not all of us can do it on our own. There are lots of painting companies out there that can provide you with several color schemes for your house or office.

These painting companies come under the property maintenance sector and provide specific services for different types of buildings. Some can also do wall paint tests. For instance, one painting company might specialize in painting houses while another might be good at painting skyscrapers or other buildings.

Finding the Right Fit

How do you know which company is good for painting your house?

You can do that by first looking at the company itself. Most of these companies have online websites that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and most of the companies like to present their specialties upfront.

You could go to their website and see some sample pictures of the houses or buildings they have painted previously. Otherwise, you could simply call the company and a representative would inform you of everything you need to know.

The second thing you can do is ask your friends and family to recommend a painting company. Because someone in your circle of friends or your family must have hired a company to paint their house in the past.

Even if they don’t have someone to suggest, they might tell you which ones you should not consider at all due to poor service or bad quality material.

Things to Ask

There is a list of things that you should ask before hiring a professional painting company like Houston Texas Painters.

  • Is the cost of material is included in the estimate or not?
  • Which quality of paint would be used in the contract?
  • How many coats or layers of paint will be laid down?
  • How much time would the entire paint job take?
  • How will the company’s painters cover the non-paintable areas in the room?
  • Should you vacate the house for the amount of time required to paint it?
  • Will the company be responsible if the paint fades within a given amount of time?

These are the key things you should ask every professional painting company before you hire them.


All painting companies vary in cost because they all use different paint materials, as well as all of them, have different levels of professionality.

Some of them might be new but some companies like York Painting Group might be more experienced than others.

The painters of most of these companies cost around $35 to $45 per hour. If we talk about the cost per day, that would be somewhere between $280 to $360.

If you want to know how much time it would take to complete several rooms then you should know that a professional painter takes about 2 hours to lay down a single coat of paint.

With two coats of paint, you should expect to pay the painter somewhere in the $150 to $600 bracket for a single room.

One thing you can do to reduce the time taken by the painters is to hire more than one painter and pay them hourly.

Doing so will cost you more or less the same, but with the exception that the entire paint job would take much less time than the original expected time.

This method helps in a situation where you need the house painted and ready for Christmas or for the wedding of someone in your family.

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