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How Routine Roof Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Costly Repairs

One thing every homeowner dread is the inevitable roof replacement. What many people don’t realize is that simple maintenance can preserve its life.

The professionals at Half Price Roofing know how to provide proper care. They will support you through maintenance, age tracking, minor repairs, and let you know when the roof has outlived its usefulness.

image - How Routine Roof Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Costly Repairs
How Routine Roof Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Costly Repairs

A solid relationship with a roofing company can prove invaluable. Use these simple steps as a guide to keep you from needing costly repairs in the long run.

Removing Debris on Roof and Guttering

As seasons come and go, roof valleys and rain gutters get leaves, twigs, and pine needles trapped in them by blowing wind. Add in rain showers and melting snow to the mixture, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Left unattended, the debris holds moisture that the roof can absorb. Over time, this moisture will cause internal water damage with the potential to breed mold spores.

To prevent a buildup of moisture, regularly remove debris. This also protects your home from what could become a dangerous situation.

  • Frequency: Twice a year in the spring and the fall.
  • Benefits: Prevents water and mold damage, which are not only expensive home repairs but pose a potential health hazard.

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Address any Moss and Mold

Since your roof is outside, nature puts it through harsh conditions. As everyone knows, shifting changes between moisture, temperature, shade, and direct sunlight is a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Moss, mold, or algae growth over time can break down the shingles and even cause wood rot to the sheathing below. Cleaning off this science experiment will prevent it from eating away at what should be preserved.

  • Frequency: Professionally cleaned once a year with an antimicrobial cleaner
  • Benefits: Improve the life of the shingles, preventing them from curling and flying away, and preserve what is beneath it.

Get Shingles and Tiles Inspected

Speaking of shingles, you should have an inspection of your roof for anything missing or damaged.

This doesn’t always indicate a need for an entire replacement, just as a few blemishes in your car’s paint doesn’t mean the whole car needs a new paint job.

High winds, harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and hard freezes can cause isolated problems that are easy to fix. If this turns out to be the case, you will protect your overall roof longer than if you neglect these minor problems.

  • Frequency: Professionally inspected every 3-5 years for minor repair needs
  • Benefits: Identify potential leaks and address any structural issues.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed and Healthy

Although not technically part of your roof, homeowners cannot overlook proper tree care. An unhealthy tree runs the risk of falling on a house, causing catastrophic damage.

Not only is your home in need of repair, but you may need a tree removal service. By trimming unhealthy and low-hanging branches, trees can grow stronger.

Remove any branches, regardless of condition, growing too close to the house or touching the roof. A homeowner’s insurance claim may absorb most of the cost, but the deductible and expenses exceeding your policy come out of your pocket.

Do yourself a favor and keep those trees healthy.

  • Frequency: Care for mature trees every 3-5 years and young ones at 1-2-year intervals.
  • Benefits: Not only improves the health and appearance of trees but reduces the risk of structural damage if a tree snap

A few proactive measures can prevent damage to both the home’s interior and exterior. You will not only save money but plenty of headaches.

A professional roofing company will provide quality work and peace of mind, taking on the tasks most of us aren’t skilled to. It’s not just your roof you are preserving, but also your home.

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