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3 Home Improvement Hacks to Add Value to Your Home

Looking to resell your home, or want to widen the rental cost bracket for your buy to let property?

Whether you’re planning a few home renovations or a total transformation of your home, there are plenty of things you can do to add value — many of which won’t cost you as much as you’d think.

Home Improvement Hacks to Add Value to Your Home
3 Home Improvement Hacks to Add Value to Your Home

3 Home Improvement Hacks to Add Value to Your Home

Here is a selection of three home improvement hacks that can work wonders in boosting your properties value.

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Convert Your Garage

A garage conversion can be a brilliant way to utilise space in a smaller home. If you already have a large drive and adequate parking space, turning your existing garage into a new room can work wonders for your home, with the potential to increase value by 15%.

For garage conversions, costs can range between around £5,000 to £7,000, which is a lot more cost-effective than it would be to create a single storey extension in the home. Garage conversions can be used to add another bedroom to the home, a dedicated office space, or simply another living area — all of which are sure to make your property stand out to potential buyers or tenants.

If you are thinking of going through with this renovation, you’ll need to find out whether your garage is suitable for conversion and if you need planning permission, so be sure to check with your local planning authority before beginning construction. Garage conversions should also meet building regulations, so check that areas like electrics, walls, and the roof comply with building control requirements.

Utilise Your Garden Space

Gardens are a number one feature that’s desired by most house hunters, but not everyone’s budget can accommodate a home with a spacious garden. If you own a terraced house with a small yard or an apartment with a balcony, a few tweaks can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful garden and cause your home to increase in value in the process.

Easy and effective ways to transform your yard or balcony include adding some large plants and flowers to space, installing some artificial grass, and re-painting old wood or brickwork in fresh, cheerful colours. Once your outdoor area looks more welcoming with the help of these renovations, add some furniture such as a table and chairs, an outdoor corner sofa, or a hammock for a relaxed and bohemian vibe.

Add Modern Appliances and Features

While the ‘shabby chic‘ look is a favourite for some, the majority of people looking to buy or rent a new home will be impressed by modern decor and facilities. Properties with up to date features and decor, like those from RW Invest, attract attention from house hunters that don’t wish to spend too much time renovating the property themselves.

If your decor is looking a bit outdated, it’s always a good idea to re-decorate with more minimal colour schemes and furnishings before reselling or looking for tenants. Strip old wallpaper and repaint walls with a fresh lick of white or neutral paint — people like to imagine themselves in a property, so if the decor looks fresh and modern from the get-go, your property will be likely to attract higher levels of demand.

Some features and facilities like double glazing in windows, high-quality showers and bathroom appliances, and modern kitchen units and countertops are considered a luxury or even a necessity for some. Making sure your property is fully equipped with the latest appliances and features is a good way to boost the value and demand overall.

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