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Home Insurance: What Unfortunate Incidents Does It Cover?

Home insurance, aka homeowners insurance (HOI), is protection for a policyholder’s home inside and out against minor damage or complete destruction. It typically covers the home vicinity and other structures that are detached but still part of the property, as well as all personal items inside.

Having home insurance relieves the anxiety for when something unfortunate, or pricey, happens to your home.

Home insurance policies vary for every situation. Coverage limits, as well as deductibles, will always be different. A little bit of a disclaimer — the list below may or may not be included in your homeowner’s insurance policy. It is best to review the policy summary or ask your insurance company to define which areas are covered or not.

Image - Home Insurance, What Unfortunate Incidents Does It Cover
Home Insurance: What Unfortunate Incidents Does It Cover?

Identity Theft

Getting your identity stolen is quite easy with the advent of today’s technology. Identity thieves use your personal or financial information without your permission. They can either use your credit card to purchase some things or worse, pretend to be you in case they get arrested.

When this happens, the first thing you need to do is to recover your identity and take preventive measures. You can file a claim with your insurer to assist you to recoup lost wages and reimburse legal fees incurred while fixing the mess the identity thief has caused.

Electrical Appliances Breakdown

When your TV doesn’t turn on, you either call your local handyman, you browse the Internet to look for DIY solutions or send it in for repair if it’s covered by the warranty. If it can’t be repaired or is out of warranty, your home insurance can help.

Home insurance may include all electrical appliances inside your home, in case they encounter a mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Counterfeit Bill

Receiving fake money stinks. You are not legally allowed to spend it anywhere, and if you do, it might get confiscated and you can be accused of fraud. So what can you do?  The excellent news is your insurance policy may cover up to $1000, without asking for a deductible.

Simply make sure you have either the counterfeit money or a police report on hand as you file the report and you should be getting your money back.

Ransom Money

You probably think that getting kidnapped is way out of your league, and it won’t happen to you or any family member.

But did you know that it is by far the most common crime in the country and that it happens every day? Nevertheless, it is good to know that if you’re abducted, your home insurance policy may cover some of the ransom money to help your family.


The probability of your home getting struck by a meteorite is close to none. But it is important to know that meteorite strikes can be fatal. Getting hit by a meteorite is very rare, but it happens. Standard home insurance policies cover falling objects, and fortunately, this includes meteorite impacts.

Door Locks

Misplacing or losing keys happen to the best of us. If you really can’t find them, your home insurance may shoulder the cost of replacing your door locks.

Mandatory Upgrades

There are several scenarios where the local government calls for home upgrades. These are imperative when there are new safety codes in place, such as weatherproofing and fire safety measures.

Complying with these ordinances can be stressful and expensive if you don’t have a policy that covers the cost of repairs or rehabilitation.

Finding the Best Home Insurance

As a homeowner, your main asset is your home, and you will do everything necessary to protect it and your precious belongings. Most home insurance policies will cover damage incurred by the ten basic perils: theft, damage from aircraft, damage from vehicles, vandalism, riots, volcanic eruptions, fire, hail, lightning, and explosions.

The list of what home insurance policies can cover is vast. The above-mentioned incidents are just among the many unexpected events that can happen to your home. It is great to know that you can count on policies to provide you with the financial support that you need against risks and to protect your investment.

Policies such as home insurance by Allstate provide you with more than quality coverage for your house since you have the option to add additional coverage to your basic policy.

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