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Is My House Sinking or Settling? These Are the Warning Signs

Home is where the heart is. But taking care of your house isn’t always easy.

There are a million different things that can happen to your home that require serious attention. For example, what should you do when your home starts sinking or settling? When this happens, you have a problem on your hands.

image - Is My House Sinking or Settling? These Are the Warning Signs
Is My House Sinking or Settling? These Are the Warning Signs

This article takes a look at how to identify signs your house is sinking or settling. Keep reading to get the inside scoop into what to look for to prevent a potential disaster.

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The Floors are Sagging or Slanting

One of the most sinking foundation signs is when you notice problems with your floors.

Sinking or settling will typically cause your floors to sag or slant. The floor sagging might not be noticeable at first, but you can assume that the issue will worsen significantly as time goes on. And you can rest assured that the problem will certainly not correct itself.

Slanting floors can also be indicative of other critical issues such as rotting supports or floor joists. This type of problem should never be ignored.

The Windows and Sticking

Another sign of sinking to be mindful of is when you start struggling to open doors or windows. Have you recently noticed that it’s more difficult to open windows than in the past? If so, this could be a sure sign that your home is settling.

This is because windows and doors often become slightly angled as the house settles out of plum, thus windows and doors no longer fit properly within their frames.

Walls are Beginning to Crack

Take a look at the walls of your home. Notice any cracks starting to form? If so, this could mean bad news. After all, walls generally don’t crack for no reason.

Keep in mind that not all cracks are caused by the same them. Horizon, vertical, and stair-step cracks are typically a sign of foundation issues as your home settles or soil expands.

Cracks in the Foundation

Another big sign of a sinking problem is a cracked foundation. Again, don’t ignore this.

Cracks in your foundation result when the weight of your home begins to shift, and your foundation can no longer fully support the change in pressure.

Learn more about foundation settling problems here.

Tilting Chimney

Is your chimney beginning to tilt? This is obviously not natural.

In fact, you should be alarmed if the chimney begins to look like it might topple over. This is typically the result of your house sinking, causing the chimney to begin separating from the rest of the building.

Gaps Around Windows

Settling will also cause gaps around windows as the walls shift. The shift in weight causes a change in pressure, and can eventually cause windows to crack.

Burst Water Pipes

If you notice a sudden water leak, it could be a burst pipe caused by settling. It’s important to have your foundation repaired before bigger plumbing leaks occur.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Signs Your House is Sinking or Settling

Taking care of your home can sometimes feel like a fulltime job. Fortunately, being able to identify the signs your house is sinking or settling will help prevent the problem from getting worse.

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