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5 Signs That You Need a Garage Door Spring Repair

You take your garage door for granted, until it starts making strange noises, or refuses to open or close completely.

A broken garage door affects your safety, so knowing the signs of possible problems is important. Being proactive, rather than waiting for the door to drop completely will prevent a serious accident or costly repair.

image - 5 Signs That You Need a Garage Door Spring Repair
5 Signs That You Need a Garage Door Spring Repair

A common garage door problem is the eventual wearing out of the springs. Some obvious signs will tell you its time for garage door spring repair.

Read on for a list of things to look for when your springs are wearing out.

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  1. Loud Noises

If your door is making loud and obnoxious noises when opening, or an extreme banging sound when closing, a spring may have popped.

Torsion springs are one type of mechanism used to make garage doors work, and these have a life-span of @ 5-7 years. Extension springs, which look almost the same, last a little longer.

Wear or snapping of either of these will cause loud noise. If the garage door stops working as well, then you know you have a spring problem.

  1. Loose or Snapped Springs

When examining the springs, look for a loose or snapped cable. Usually, when cables are loose, that means the tension in the springs is worn or failing, causing the slack.

Look at the springs themselves to see if there are any gaps in between coils, or if the spring is elongating.

If you see these types of problems, you need garage door spring repair.

  1. Door Does Not Close Properly

If your door won’t close completely or closes crooked, you have a spring problem. Jerky-type motion that happens when the door tries to close is common with extension spring wear and tear.

When the door won’t close, it’s time for an emergency door repair. Calling a reputable garage door repair company, such as Direct Service Overhead at https://www.directserviceoverhead.com is your best option when you need this type of expert repair at once.

  1. Can’t Lift Door Manually

If you try to lift the garage door, and it will not move, then you have a broken spring. The emergency pull mechanism on the door allows you to lift the door when the electric opener is not an option. This manual pull won’t happen if a spring is not functioning.

  1. Door Slams Shut or Is Heavy

If you have a broken spring, your garage door will become dead weight, be impossible to lift, and will slam down when closed. This is a dangerous situation, and you will want to call for garage door repair immediately.

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair is not for the DIY person because of the safety issues involved. A call to a garage door professional will ensure a quality repair for as little as 200 dollars.

Your repair company will have all the tools and parts needed to get your garage door back to normal, saving you time, and keeping you secure and safe.

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