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What’s That Sound? Dissecting the Sounds of a Noisy Garage Door

You tiptoe downstairs, pack your bags for work and head out to the garage trying not to wake up your sleeping family. But then you press the button to open the garage door and it’s so loud everyone wakes up.

image - What's That Sound? Dissecting the Sounds of a Noisy Garage Door
What’s That Sound? Dissecting the Sounds of a Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door is not only annoying but can cause extensive damage to your door. If you neglect the issue, you could be looking at bigger problems that could be extremely costly.

The good news is that caught early, many of the causes for a noisy garage door are simple fixes.

Here are the various sounds you might hear and what repairs you will need.

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Garage Door Squeaks

A squeaky sound when the door is going up or down is a sign of lack of lubrication. Various parts of your door system dry out over time and stick together.

Sometimes squeaking means that the weatherstripping between the panels has dried out. Or, the rollers as they move along the tracks need lubrication.

Both are easy fixes.

If the lube doesn’t fix it, then possible your garage door needs a realignment. Watch the door open and close. Do you see any irregular movement?

If so, call a garage door technician to realign the door. You may have to remove and install the garage door again properly.

Garage Door Makes a Clunking Sound

A clunk or thump sound every time you open or close your garage door points to an issue with the opener.

The small box that sits over the opening could be having trouble. Start by changing the batteries. If that doesn’t help, you may need a garage door replacement.

Garage Door Makes Booming Sounds

Loud booming garage door noises are worrisome. Usually, this only happens with electric garage door openers.

These booming noises are a sign that the opener is struggling to lower and raise the door. The most likely reason for this is a damaged torsion spring.

You can visually inspect the torsion spring with the door closed. Then you can replace the damaged one and rid yourself of the noise.

Garage Door Is Clinking

A clinking sound when you operate your garage door is again, likely an issue with torsion springs.

The clinking sound is caused by the springs’ coils rubbing against each other. It tends to happen with end-of-lifespan garage doors that are rusty.

Another possibility for clinking garage door sounds is a defective roller. If left untreated, this will eventually cause the door to malfunction.

Garage Door Grinds

Another common noisy garage door sound is a metallic grinding sound. Any type of grinding is typically a problem with the electric opener chain or belt.

Your electric opener might be skipping a link or two that are damaged. Or possibly the chain is loose.

These are both fairly straightforward fixes. Be sure to hire a reputable technician. Doing it yourself could cause further damage to the opener. If an adjustment to the chain or belt doesn’t get rid of the sound, you will need to replace that part.

You might also hear grinding noise when you try to force the opener to function. You should not force your opener to work.

Solve Your Noisy Garage Door Problems

We hope this article has helped you identify the reason for your noisy garage door.

Once you have identified the problem (or ruled out what isn’t the issue) you can take steps to fix what’s wrong.

There’s no reason to live with a loud garage door. Come back soon for more informative articles.

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