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How to Choose the Right Lamp Design for Your Bedroom

Wondering which lamp design to use for your bedroom? Are lamps built for specific locations in your house or are they multipurpose? Are there any dangers in choosing the wrong lamp for your room?

If you’re worried about picking the right lamp during your next purchase, look no further. Below you’ll find directions for assessing and buying the right lamp for your bedroom. When you’re ready to find your perfect fit, read on.

image - How to Choose the Right Lamp Design for Your Bedroom
How to Choose the Right Lamp Design for Your Bedroom

Light Source

The most often overlooked aspect of lamp purchases is the quality of light. Believe it or not, most consumers buy lamps based purely on aesthetics. If it looks like it’s a good visual fit, they buy it.

Unfortunately, those lamps types of lamps can make for sore eyes. When you begin your lamp hunt, ask yourself the following questions:

To whom does the bedroom belong?

How much time will be spent in the bedroom?

Do you own other lights that you love?

What aspect do you love; brightness, color, quality of light?

Bedroom lamps, living room lamps, and house lamps come in two varieties: incandescent lights and LEDs. Incandescent bulbs run hot, use more energy, and need to be replaced frequently. They’ve also been around the longest and require a smaller up-front cost.

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, on the other hand, cost 10x to 30x more. They last for years or decades. They run at cooler temperatures, use less energy, and offer a wider variety of hues.

LEDs also come built into some lamps. In other words, the LED isn’t packed inside a bulb. Consider these factors and choose the hue, lumen range, and light source before you head to the next step.

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Lamp Design for Bedrooms

Lamp design is about two things—form and function. You’ve already covered the function aspect in the section above. Now it’s time to figure out the form, or the aesthetics as it were.

Where will you place your new lamp? What furniture nestles around your lamp? Where do you want the light source?

Buffet lamps: found on coffee and bedside tables. They stand at 32 inches tall or taller. They’re often called tall table lamps.

Table lamps: found on coffee and bedside tables. They stand at less than 32 inches tall. They’re the most ubiquitous house lamp.

Arc lamps: stands behind furniture, such as couches. They stand at around five to seven feet. They have a long, arc-shaped body.

Swing-arm lamps: found on desks. They are foldable and collapsible. They easily move to reorient the light source.

Standing Floor Lamps: found next to furniture such as beds and couches. They’re a long stand with a light source at the top.

The position and direction that you prefer your light source will determine which of the above lamps will suit your needs. This will narrow down your search, so you can determine where to buy lamps on your next shopping trip.

Decorative Touches

Now you just need to choose your lamp color and add any additional details. To choose the color, determine the color palette of your room. From those options, pick one of the accent colors for your lamp.

You can also spruce it up with custom lampshades, lamp finials, or possibly cord organizers. Have fun!

Continuing Your Search

Now you have all the information you need to pick the right lamp design for your bedroom. Remember, narrow down your options by determining function, then move on to form.

If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks to home decoration, zip over to our vast digital library now.

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