The first lamps were invented somewhere around 70,000 BC according to some historians.

Ancient Romans and Greeks used street lamps to help people move around safely, and electric lighting was invented during the Victorian period.

Things have moved on significantly since then, and now there are LED neon lights, smart lighting, and alternative power sources for lights.

image - Lamp Posts in your Garden You Might be Surprised at the Benefits

Lamp Posts in your Garden You Might be Surprised at the Benefits

Lighting can change the whole look of your home and can be used to transform an outside area.

One type of light that you may not have considered for your home is the lamp post.

Street lights are taken for granted, but there are versions available for outdoor areas and gardens. Not only might they look good in your garden, but they also have some other benefits.

They Can Be Powered by Solar Energy

Nowadays, people are concerned with protecting the planet more than ever before.

Recycling is carried out by most people, plastic bags have become less common, and alternative energy sources are more popular.

Solar power is one way that anyone can help the environment with very little effort.

While installing full solar panels on your home would be costly and take some work, there are many simple switches to solar that you could make, including lighting.

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They Can Change the Appearance of Your Garden

Installing solar lamp posts could dramatically alter the look of your garden. Some models come with planters that might suit lining a pathway or a patio.

When it comes to gardening without having a garden, planters are a useful way to brighten up decking or a patio.

If you have a driveway or front path, just a couple of lamp posts can make a far more interesting entrance to your home.

It will not only light up your facade, but add more appeal, and security.

They Help the Environment

Modern solar lamp posts don’t just bring an unusual touch to your garden and look good, they are also eco-friendly.

Solar power means no electricity is used, which means no greenhouse gases are produced.

Emissions from electricity production mean more damage to the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and ash are all produced when electricity is made, and these all affect the environment causing pollution and acid rain.

If you decided to install solar power across your home and drastically lower the need for electricity, you could help the environment even more by selling your excess power back to the grid.

They Can Improve Security

Burglary rates in the US have been dropping significantly since 1990, however, all states still register home break-ins.

Some states report as many as 696 incidents per 100,000 residents each year.

One of the easiest ways to protect your home is to use good outdoor lighting to make it difficult for a burglar to approach unseen.

Solar lamp posts can come with motion sensors that will be triggered anytime someone moves nearby.

Some models can store enough energy to light a garden all night.

They Have Less Waste and Need Little Maintenance

There are many other types of outdoor lighting available, but solar lamp posts, in particular, have some benefits that you may appreciate.

Looking after a garden takes time, and while it is an enjoyable hobby for many, there is no need to add more work.

Solar LED lights are long-lasting and will not need changing as often as other bulbs, so there is less waste.

The batteries that store the power can last for years, and the lights themselves up to 50,000 hours of use.

When it comes to maintenance, most of the time all you will need to do is make sure the solar panel is clean.

They Can Save You Cash

Not only is Solar power natural and safe, but it is also free. The sun is the biggest free source of energy available, and if you use it you will start to notice the difference in your utility bills.

Nowadays, solar panel devices come in many forms. There are plenty of options for campers such as solar-powered coolers, then there are solar-powered power banks.

Swimming pools can be heated and kept clean with solar-powered covers, and even recreational vehicles can be powered by solar energy.

Every time someone uses solar power they are removing the need for electricity and reducing their energy bills.


EnergySage reports that Bell Labs created the first true solar panels in 1954, although many scientists had experimented with producing solar power before.

Solar energy has always been available, but only now is it becoming truly commonplace.

Nowadays, solar-powered products are everywhere, and outdoor lighting is one area that particularly suits this alternative energy source.

Deck lighting, security lamps, solar-powered lamp posts. All of them are installed outside in direct sunlight, so why not use the sun’s energy to charge them free, ready for use at night?