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How to Clean Teak Garden Furniture?

When it comes to garden furniture, one of the best options to consider is those made from teak wood. Teak wood is rather a sturdy kind of wood that outlasts others. it also has natural oils that help it to resist harmful elements such as moisture, snow, and heat from the sun.

image - How to Clean Teak Garden Furniture
How to Clean Teak Garden Furniture

Furthermore, it has impressive resistance against destructive insects such as termites and ants. While this material is excellent for indoor furniture, they’re even more beautiful to see outdoors.

Unfortunately, leaving the furniture outdoors may require constant maintenance which can bring about wear and tear to the piece of carpentry if not done properly. With this in mind, what is the best way to keep teak garden furniture clean and well-maintained?

Ways of Cleaning Teak Garden Furniture

Now there are several ways how you can clean and maintain your teak garden furniture. Some of the popular ways are as follows:

Teak Protector

Among the most popular way to clean teak is by simply using a teak protector. A teak protector is a combination of chemicals as well as substances that can coat teak materials with a protective shield against external elements such as moisture, snow, heat, and UV rays from the sun.

Before using a teak protector on your furniture, make sure to use it only on used furniture – not on brand new ones. Also, ensure that the furniture surfaces are clean by using a dry cloth to remove dirt, grime, and stains that would go in the way of the teak protector.

After which, apply the teak protector on the furniture using a smooth brush or cloth. For better results consider a second or even third coating.

After application, let it dry under the sun and keep away from moisture and wind for the teak protector to be absorbed by the wood.

As you consider using a teak protector to make sure that your teak furniture lasts long and clean, check for the tint or color of the teak protector. Also, the number of coatings can change the color of the wood.

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Another way to clean teak wood furniture is through bleaching. When bleaching wood, it is recommended to have a ratio of 2 for detergent with bleach and 1 for water. Going more than this recommended ratio when cleaning will bring about damaging results or no results at all on teak furniture.

To bleach the wooden furniture, use a soft brush or cloth and dampen it with the mixture. Apply gently on the wood surface and maintain consistency.

Clean With Oil

Instead of using water to clean your teak garden furniture, use oil or grease for wood. Simply dampen a cloth or soft brush with the oil or grease and apply directly on the wood surface.

When choosing which oil to use, consider those that will not stain or change the natural color of the wood. Furthermore, some grease has a strong artificial smell which may not be gentle to the nose.

Teak Garden Furniture Care

Now to make sure that your furniture stays neat and clean after cleaning, you need to maintain proper care and handling. Among the things that you can do to ensure that it stays clean for a long time is by storing the furniture properly.

When not in use, try to keep the furniture away from the sun, rain, snow, and even wind to lengthen its life and to avoid frequent cleaning. If the furniture is too big to store, simply cover it with a cloth or any protective fabric or material.

It is also important to consider that as teak ages, it forms an aged-rustic look with its faint natural color. While many prefer the vibrant color of young teak wood, many also indulge themselves in aged teak wood.

If you’re looking to have the aged color of teak, simply ensure that it stays off from dirt and destructive insects such as termites. While applying teak protector or grease can maintain the cleanliness of the furniture, you may also want to add insect repellant as an additional coating.

Regardless of which method you choose in cleaning your teak furniture, make sure that teak wood is sensitive to chemicals, pressure as well as heat and moisture.

Applying too many chemicals and substances on the wood can cause adverse effects and can even alter some of its properties? Always bear in mind the recommended amounts and volume of solutions used to make sure the furniture lasts a long time.

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