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How Concrete Piers Help in Foundation Repair

Foundation problems can weaken the structural integrity of buildings, and it usually shows up in the form of jammed doors and windows, cracked floors and sagging walls.

When the foundation weakens, it renders the building structure unstable that can cause major damages. Foundations can crack and move that damages the building structure and invites more problems like pest infestation, flooding, etc.

For restoring strength to the foundation and to reinforce the structural integrity of the building it is advisable to go for pier replacement Sydney. By using concrete piers, the foundation is restored to its original position once again, and the building regains its height and stability.

How Concrete Piers Help in Foundation Repair
How Concrete Piers Help in Foundation Repair

If you find some signs of foundation damage, you must immediately arrange for its repair and restoration after finding out the root cause. Concrete piers are excellent for foundation repair and most popular while steel piers are very strong and can work well too.

The piers carry a tremendous amount of load and remove stress from the foundation thereby preventing its damage. For centuries, people have used concrete piers which are the first choice in most constructions.

What Are the Concrete Piers?

Fabricating concrete piers at the place where foundation damage or sagging has happened is the norm, and it consists of drilling a hole of 12 inches diameter and 12-20 feet deep into the ground. The depth must be sufficient to ensure that the bottom of the pier rests on stable soil that will neither settle nor move over time.

The hole drilled into the ground acts like a mold into which concrete is poured and then steel bars inserted into it to provide reinforcement. It takes about a week for the concrete to cure. A single concrete pier can support an area of 7 feet in radius. The extent and nature of damage determine the number of piers that will be required for repairing the foundation.

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How the Repair Happens

Foundations can tilt and lose its leveling thereby affecting the height of the building and to restore the foundation to its original settings, foundation repairing companies use concrete piers that provide additional support and help to restore the height while leveling the slope created due to settling or damage.

Piers prevent further settling or sinking of your foundation which if left unattended can only aggravate the problems that you are already facing and damage the building.

Concrete piers placed inside the ground provide strong support to the foundation and once the concrete cures; height adjustment of the building to set it at the proper height is possible by using hydraulic jacks. Concrete or steel spacers can help to close the gap that exists between the foundation and the top of the concrete pier.

This method of foundation repair is simple and highly effective besides being very versatile and the reasons for its popularity. Concrete piers can support any load, and steel reinforcements reduce chances of cracking of concrete and prolong its life. Concrete piers can surpass your lifetime and may even outlast the foundation.

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