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How to Create a Minimalistic Design in your Garage?

The latest trend in home design is the minimalistic approach. If you scrolled through online interior design magazines, you surely saw how everything’s kept neat, but more importantly, with a few items scattered around as possible.

All the necessities are placed in specialized boxes taken outside of the main focus keeping the rooms clean and simple.

This is excellent for having people’s minds relaxed and happy. It is proven that the minimalistic approach makes people happy, so consider using it when you’re about to renovate next time.

image - How to Create a Minimalistic Design in your Garage?
How to Create a Minimalistic Design in your Garage?

The garage is part of the home, and you should consider designing it the same.

Some people think that it is impossible to have the garage set this way because of all the essential stuff there, but we’re going to prove that this is possible. If you want to know how – read on and see for yourself.

What is Minimalism All About?

Minimalism as a concept started around the 1950s in the US and was part of many different arts and forms like music, painting, etc., but it strongly stayed in the interior design as a form to this day.

Its main objective is to create a living space in which there will be as a few items as possible, yet the place will still be functional and appealing.

Living rooms with a minimalistic approach have nothing more than a sitting space, table, and some art on the walls, while other rooms will need a little more equipment.

When it comes to the garage, you can say that the best idea is to only have the car inside and nothing more, but we all know what function the modern US garage owner needs it for – storage and work. So how to do it? Simple!

Have Big Cabinets Where All-Big Items Will Go

The essence of minimalism, as we mentioned, is to create a functional space that is not going to be overwhelmed with items that are not doing any real function.

On the other hand, a garage is a place where things are there only if they can have a function.

This is why it’s so hard to make that combination. You both need to have everything there, and at the same time, you need to make everything disappear so the place will look good.

The only way to do it is to store everything that might be scattered around into a neatly arranged cabinet, big enough for all the items and machines you have.

Build one giant that will cover the entire wall. Make it with a sliding door so that it’s not easily recognized that you have a cabinet instead of a wall.

Store everything inside. It doesn’t matter if it is used occasionally or frequently.

If you have one built with the size of a wall, then you can be sure that you’ll have room for all the items out there.

Even the lawnmower will find its place inside. That way, your garage will be free from things that might look like garbage.

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Get Yourself a Cool Removable Toolbox

The essential tools that you use daily should have a special place in your garage.

You will often take them with you in the car while you still need them in the garage when you’re at home.

Instead of moving them from the cabinet to the car and in some of the rooms at all times, you should get yourself a nice removable toolbox to do the job.

You need one that will be lightweight, durable, and big enough to store most of the tools you need at all times.

The best place to store the toolbox is also inside the cabinet, but most toolboxes won’t fit.

That’s why you need the OZY Toolbox Centre. These guys are going to create custom toolboxes that you can fit wherever you need them.

Keep the Place Spotless

One final feature to make the whole minimalistic approach complete is to have the place spotless.

We all know how garages can sometimes look like a dumpster, but if you want to have it perfectly done, you need to maintain the place regularly.

Have nothing else but the car inside and a few essential amenities, like a lamb, a table, and a chair.

Place them perfectly in the best-fitting corner, and have the car in the middle. When you look at the place from the garage door, it will look like you’re in a movie that’s your perfect minimalistic garage.


When someone says that minimalism is only created for the living space in the house, show them this article and make them think again.

Every corner on the Earth can be designed in this style. If you want to live a minimalistic lifestyle, be sure that it can be arranged. Follow these tips, and you’ll have it in no time.

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