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How to Do Basic Lawn Maintenance

For millions of people out there who own their homes, there’s nothing quite like a green and pristine yard throughout the spring and the summer.

Although a well-maintained yard certainly looks good to passers-by, it’s also more about being able to sit out there and enjoy the yard, to do some outdoor living, without the tall grass and weeds, while you get to look at something that’s actually attractive.

image - How to Do Basic Lawn Maintenance
How to Do Basic Lawn Maintenance

Plus, a lot of people live in neighborhoods whose HOA regulations demand that the lawn be cared for regularly. If you’re pretty new to maintaining a lawn, then you may want to know what you’re in store for.

Is it a hard job to do, to the point that you cannot do it unless you’re a professional? Or is it an easy job to accomplish?

The fact is that it really depends on the type of job, the size of the lawn, and what sort of equipment is being used. Though when it comes to basic lawn maintenance, there are some tips you can use to get started.

If things are too difficult, you can always call in the pros. But if you want to give it your best DIY shot, here are some basic lawn care tips.

A Few Basic Lawn Care Tips

Mow Weekly

The first tip we can give you here is to mow weekly. Even if the grass isn’t that tall or thick, you want to keep a good schedule on cutting your grass.

This is going to spread that grass around and limit the proliferation of weeds in your lawn, for starters. Another good thing it’s going to do is slice and cut the grass very evenly, without pulling it up or smashing it down if it gets too tall or thick.

Plus, the fact is that it’s much easier to do this way. Just one pass with the mower and it’s done.

Weed-Eat When You Mow

You should invest in a weed-eater and get those weeds and hard-to-reach grass spots every time you get the grass. Go up and down the fence, around trees and bushes, porches, and every other edge.

Just like with the grass, it’s just much easier to do this when the grass and weeds aren’t very tall or very thick. It’s going to be very easy to just buzz through this stuff by passing over it if you stay on a regular schedule.

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Take Out Weeds Early

image - Take Out Weeds Early

You should also go through and pluck up the weeds as soon as you see them sprout. The thing about weeds is that they’ve evolved to proliferate much faster and more efficiently than grass.

Letting one weed go can turn into dozens of weeds in a week, which will just spread and leave your entire lawn covered up in weeds. So one of the best lawn maintenance tips we can give you is to get rid of those weeds as soon as they pop up.

Replant Dead Spots

Almost every lawn is going to have to deal with dead spots now and then, especially if you have children or pets that are on the lawn a lot.

The best thing you can do here is to keep some grass seed around. Just lay seed on the area, block it off for a week or two, and let the grass in the dead spot grow back before it all starts to spread on you.

Water Often

You should also water your lawn regularly. At least every other day, you should be out there right before the sun sets, spraying your lawn down with the hose just enough to get it wet.

If you have a sprinkler system, that’s all the better, but you won’t need to make that investment if you don’t have one. Just invest in a cheap nozzle for your hose and get out there and spray that grass down.

Grass that isn’t very healthy will dry up and die if it goes a week or so without rain and gets heavy sun. You can help prevent this.

Lawn care is pretty simple stuff, generally speaking, but you can always hire out and have the professionals handle this for you if it’s too much for you to keep up with. There are some great lawn care experts in your area.

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