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How to Trim Really Tall Trees?

If you have any tall trees in your home garden or property, you should know that they improve the appearance, protect against heavy winds, provide security, and lovely shade. However, the bigger a tree is, the more it requires to be maintained and looked after.

In many cases, you have to trim the branches of tall trees because they cover things they should not. If you plan on trimming tall trees by yourself, try to do it with the proper equipment and in a safe and sound manner.

You will need to climb a tree to trim the branches or dead wood, and it can be risky if done with negligence.

image - How to Trim Really Tall Trees

In the following blog, we will read how to trim really tall trees in a safe and secure way without getting injured.

Make Sure You Have All the Required Equipment and Take Precautionary Measures While Trimming

Trimming long trees is not an easy job, and you have to take care of a lot of things before you proceed with this task. Collect all the equipment beforehand so that you don’t lag while trimming.

A pole saw, pruning clippers, gloves, tripod ladder, trash can, safety glasses, safety harness, and a first aid kit is a must.

For people residing in or near Sydney, Henshaw Tree Service is there to take care of all tree pruning, tree removal, stumping, hedging, dead wooding, land clearing, crane work, etc.

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Use a Stepping Stool or a Tripod Ladder for Climbing

image - Use a Stepping Stool or a Tripod Ladder for Climbing

Keep a simple or a tripod stepping tool against the tree’s trunk. This will not damage the grass near the tree, and the metallic edges of the stool’s base will get stuck into the grass and prevent it from slipping when you climb. You can even make use of a common ladder or a tripod ladder for this.

Climb up the ladder and attach a safety harness with the trunk and make sure it is tight and firm. Hold the safety handle and attach it to the lock around your waist.

This will help protect you even if the ladder slips and save you from any kind of injury. Some trees are very tall, and it can be fatal if you fall from such height. Hence, safety is necessary.

Ensure That No Electrical Wires or Cables Go Through the Tree

You need to ensure that no electrical wires or cables are running close to the tree or entangled with its branches and leaves. It is common for electrical wires to entangle with a very tall tree, which can be dangerous for anyone trying to cut the tree.

If you cut or slice through an electrical cable or wire, you can get a fatal electric shock. If there is any wire running through the inside of a tree, then it is better to hire a professional service for the work instead of taking unnecessary risks.

Moreover, try to wear shockproof gardening gloves to protect yourself adequately.

Trim According to Your Style and Remove Flawed Parts of The Tree

Whenever you are trimming a tree, first cut and remove all harmed and flawed parts of the tree. Use your pruning scissors, and pole saws to cut off ailing, weak, dead branches and stems.

This is important for both the health of the tree and for the safety of people who live near the tree or walk close to the tree regularly.

Dead and weak branches can fall off suddenly and hurt anyone underneath. Also, you can trim a tree in any style you want and carry out it’s grooming. Isolate branches and don’t trim any part of the tree near its base.

Cut the branches in a balanced manner and don’t remove old branches that are at an angle of more than 40 degrees.

Try to Trim During the Spring Season and Use the Right Technique

image - Try to Trim During the Spring Season and Use the Right Technique

The most ideal time to prune or trim a tree is during the spring season. You can trim a tree anytime during the year but the best time to do it is spring. You also need to consider the thickness of the branches, stems, leaves, etc. you want to trim.

Trimming is fine for under 3 inches thick branches but does not trim them if the thickness is between 5 to 10 inches.

Try to keep the branches that have a solid U-shaped end and trim weak branches with a V-shaped end. Young branches should be trimmed as it is easy to do so and takes away the risk of sustaining injuries. Do not trim very long branches or ones that are very close to each other.

Search for a branch to the neckline, developing from the stem tissue in the branch’s base, before you start cutting. Find a branch edge parallel to the point on the stem and on the upper surface.

Cut from outside the branch edge and remove down from the stem. Use the same method for trimming dead or living branches.


To give an aesthetic look to your garden, it is vital to prune and trim trees accordingly. Trimming is also necessary from a safety point of view and gets rid of dead branches, stems, leaves, etc. It helps to keep a tree solid and healthy for a long time.

Henshaw Tree Service is one of Sydney’s industry-leading companies in the area of tree maintenance. Head over to their website and get a quote for any service you need.

With the use of modern equipment, the experienced workers will help you in any service like tree removal, pruning, tree trimming, land clearing, stump grinding, etc.

If you plan on trimming a tall tree yourself, then keep in mind the things we talked about in the above article. Use the right technique and equipment needed for the work and always put safety first.

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