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Leave Leaks and Flooding Emergencies to Plumbing Specialists

Having clean, running water is something that many modern homes take for granted. We need water when cooking, brushing our teeth, bathing, washing clothes, doing dishes, cleaning, and even quenching our thirst.

However, accessing clean running water depends on availability within the location and the home’s plumbing. But the plumbing is not a significant concern – until disaster strikes.

Plumbing emergencies can differ. They can range from simple problems that rob your home of the conveniences of having access to running water to potentially dangerous issues that place your family or property in danger.

While you should know how to handle plumbing emergencies on your own, it is prudent to call professionals.

image - Leave Leaks and Flooding Emergencies to Plumbing Specialists
Leave Leaks and Flooding Emergencies to Plumbing Specialists

We at Aqueduct Plumbing Company recommend taking the following measures whenever you have a plumbing emergency:

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  1. Turn Off the Main Water Supply Valve

That means you should know where the water shut-off valve is located and operate it, which are vital tasks that every homeowner should undertake.

Though you might not be comfortable with the idea of trying to handle some plumbing problems, turning off the water supply during a plumbing emergency can help prevent water damage and potential health issues for your family and property.

  1. Temporarily Seal Cracks Using Pipe Sealing or Duct Tape

A leak or crack in the pipe can turn into a bigger problem if not addressed immediately. You can use pipe sealing tape or quality duct tape to fix the problem temporarily, especially if you cannot turn off the water supply to your home or that faucet.

Keep in mind that it will not be a long-term solution. You should call an experienced plumbing company to correct the damage.

  1. Soak Up Leaks and Minor Flood Using Paper Towels and Rags

Water can cause unfathomable damage to your home if left unchecked. It can ruin the carpeting, weaken the drywall and floors, lead to rot, corrosion, and mold growth.

If you experience leaks or minor flooding, use anything to soak up the water, including spare clothing, bath towels, heavy-duty paper towels, and rags. You also can get rid of standing water using a wet-dry vacuum.

  1. Document What Happened

We recommend that you have detailed information regarding the status of your home during the plumbing emergency. It is essential for both the professional plumbing services and insurance purposes.

You can take pictures using your smartphone, making sure you document the leak, damages caused, and any flooding.

You also should write down the possible causes and the steps you took to mitigate the situation before the professionals arrived to help.

This will also help your insurance company when it comes to making a claim. Repairs can be expensive if you don’t have house insurance then you will need to dig deep. You can consider Loanza same day deposit loans to fund the repair.

Plumbing can be complicated to the point where some routine fixes might require a skilled plumber’s touch. While you should know how to correct some plumbing issues, it is best to leave most emergencies to the experts from a top plumbing services company.