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Wall Light Switch

A light switch is an electronic gadget that used to operate lights. The switch is a hand-held device which is used to control lighting, visibility, on-off in a room, Home, residential building, commercial building, etc. nowadays light switches are becoming updated and featured with various form and facility.

Here you can find various modern wall light switch.

image - Wall Light Switch
Wall Light Switch


John Henry Holmes invented the first light switch in quick-break technology in 1884.


Light switches may be a single switch or multiple switch design for multiple uses. New features may include Environmental protection, weather protection dimmer-control.

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Various Types of Wall Light Switch

Push Button

The push button switch is an old model switch. It has two buttons to operate the light. One button for open and another button for closed. Pushing one button takes automatically back another button.

Illuminated Switch

Illuminated switches are used foe small lamps or LED lamps.


Rocker switches are alternative design switches for light. Switches of this design sit almost flush with the wall plate and are activated by “rocking” a flat, broad lever, rather than pushing a short protruding actuator up or down.

Australian Rocker Switch

A small type of rocker switch is used universally for its superior design. It matches with wall and looking awesome.

Tamper Resistant Switch

Where lighting circuits must not be accidentally switches, off, for example, corridor and restroom lighting controls in public buildings such as schools, a tamper-resistant switch may install.

Some Smart Wall Light Switch

Liviton Decora Smart Switch

Liviton decora smart switch is the best switch, which will give the best facility like using it by android or iOS through WIFI connection.

Its setup is very easy and you get to connect to both Google assistance and Amazon’s Alexa.  it works reliably across Android and iOS.

Aside from the app, the switch scored perfect marks for its responsiveness to app and voice commands (as most of the switches did) and its remote control capabilities.

And since it works over WiFi, it doesn’t require any extra hubs or hardware to get started, making your startup cost minimal.

Lastly, the features include support for three-way switches, meaning you can have multiple smart switches control the same light, which isn’t something that its competitors can do.

If you’re looking for the best smart light switch, this is it.

  • Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings
  • Neutral wire requirement: Yes
  • Three-way switch compatibility: Yes

Gosund Smart Light Switch

This is pleasant to install and use for its low price. It can be used by android and iOS.

So, why isn’t our top-pick? The materials feel very cheap. The wall plate that comes with this switch feels exceptionally flimsy like it could break while removing it.

The wires are also flimsy and pliable enough that it made them difficult to work with. Aside from the lower quality materials, this switch is a pleasure to use. This is a great pick for the price. Just be gentle while installing it.

  • Works with: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Neutral wire requirement: Yes
  • Three-way switch compatibility: No

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