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How Important Are Your Kitchen Handles to You?

One of the final touches of cabinets or the handles, regardless of whether they are traditional or contemporary or even something in between the two. They come in a wide variety of materials and finishes and help to truly establish the general ambiance of a room.

image - How Important Are Your Kitchen Handles to You
How Important Are Your Kitchen Handles to You

However, you may be unsure of which are the best handles to match your cabinet designs. The following tips are designed to help you decide which is going to be a perfect style.

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Functionality and Quality

Is absolutely essential that you choose handles that are well-designed and durable for your cabinet furniture. You want to find something that is going to be stylish as well as practical.

Be sure you test the handles you plan to get. See how they feel in your hand as well as the type of grip they offer.

You may also want to consider how comfortable the handles are not only to you but to others. Consider how a senior citizen or a child will be able to handle them.


Think about the overall look you are trying to convey within your kitchen. Believe it or not, the handles you choose are going to have a large impact on the overall vibe in the kitchen and affected style.


If you are seeking to convey a stylish and smooth modern look you’ll want to find simple but sleek cabinet furniture that will work perfectly on a minimalist style cabinet.

Typically, in these types of scenarios to choose handles with curved barrels or those with sleek lines.

Traditional Styles

Traditional cabinets offer elaborate moldings and beautiful doors and should be ordained with old-fashioned handles to help create a traditional vibe within the kitchen.

If you choose to use a knob as opposed to a handle on kitchen drawers, ensure you choose a design that will match the doors.

Mix and Match

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between traditional and contemporary, in this case, you may want to combine the two for a truly unique home.

Choosing a modern kitchen cabinet with an overall minimalist feel and bringing together a traditional style handle can really set a kitchen in motion.


There are literally thousands of handle designs that are available in any imaginable length. This simply comes down to a matter of your own personal taste as to whether you combine various handle lengths in the kitchen.

However, for a truly consistent look throughout the kitchen, it is best to use the same handle length.


There is a universal rule that has been put in place that handles be vertically positioned on the doors and horizontally on the drawers. However, when placing your handles on your kitchen cabinets stand back and look for the best position for all of them.

There has been a change in the way handles are being placed on kitchen doors with a horizontal position, however, it is best to try it out as it is completely different than the vertical handle you may be accustomed to.

No Handles

If you are looking to achieve a completely modern look, you may want to choose cabinets without handles. These types of candles will typically have a recess left at the top of the door and at the front of the drawer which allows you to unlock them without the need of handles.

One can also find cabinets that offer a “push to open mechanism”, which are typically installed prior to the cabinets. This is a cost-effective solution and one that allows you to open cabinets without the need for handles.

We understand that cabinet handles seem to be the least of anyone’s concern, however, they truly do complete the look and feel of the kitchen.

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