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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Door Handles

When you are looking for door handles, it is essential to consider which door you want to install the new ones on. While there are many attractive and unique designs, finding the right one for specific rooms can be exhausting.

A keyed door handle, for example, is more appropriate for rooms that require utmost privacy, while a dummy door handle is fit for rooms that need not be locked.

image - Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Door Handles
Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing Door Handles

To make your life easier, here are the different types of door handles, along with facts on which door they should be installed. Remember, purchasing high quality door handles is one thing; making sure that it serves the right purpose is another.

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Keyed Door Handles

This type of door handle is commonly installed on exterior doors. The cylinder where you need to insert the keys is exposed, while the inside is a locking mechanism that instantly releases the moment the door handle is turned.

While there are keyed door handles that turn open by itself, there are others that need to be manually unlocked.

This type of door handle is typically used for a home’s exterior doors, garage, or other doors set up between the house and the garage.

Closet Door Handles

Handles belonging to this type of high-quality door handles are non-locking. Meaning to say, they do not have locking mechanisms or keyed cylinders that you have to lock or unlock.

As such, they are typically used as door knobs for laundry rooms, closets, or other rooms that do not require privacy locks.

Privacy or Bed and Bath Door handles

The mechanisms for bed and bath door handles and privacy door knobs vary widely based on the manufacturer.

Then again, despite these differences, all bed and bath handles have an external pinhole and an internal push-button type locking mechanism that releases automatically when the handle is turned.

Some brands have privacy door handles that are equipped with a turn button that needs to be locked manually.

Other brands, on the other hand, only have pinholes instead of a rosette on the end of the handle. This handle comes with a generic key upon purchase and this key needs to be inserted into the pinhole or knob.

Privacy knobs, as the name suggests, are made for bathrooms or bedrooms that require privacy but do not really need a keyed lock.

Dummy Door Handles

This kind of door handle is usually one-sided, more like a fake knob with no working parts. The mounting method of every dummy door handle varies depending on the manufacturer. Some are mounted like the cabinet knobs, while others are mounted on the surface.

Dummy knobs are sold and used in pairs. They serve as door knobs for shallow closet doors.

Single Door Entry

If your house only has one door, a door handle system with a single-cylinder deadbolt mechanism is the most appropriate door handle choice. The deadbolt will provide the locking mechanism. To unlock the door, you need to insert the key from outside.

If you are inside the house, you can still lock and unlock your door through a thumb turn lock. If your front door is made of glass, a door handle with a double cylinder deadbolt mechanism is the most appropriate choice.

These are just some of the standard door handle types available in the market. With the basic knowledge that you now have, you can shop for door handles with much ease and confidence.

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