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Using Your Senses to Style

Style comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to home alterations and keeping on-trend can feel overwhelming if you don’t do the right research.

Don’t worry, we have you covered and we’re here to help. Here we explore how using your senses to style your home is a new experience to try when embarking on a new interior journey from eye-catching door handles to textured blankets and floral scents.

image - Using Your Senses to Style
Using Your Senses to Style

Hardware Finish

Giving your door handles a luxury finish is a key to creating a beautiful interior space that is easy on the eye.

The variety available for you to tweak your interiors is extensive so you won’t be short of options which is why doing your research on style and trend is key.

Take a look through the door handles available at GJohns with a large selection of finishes including Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nickel, Pewter, Polished and Satin Styles.

Flower Power

Simple and sweet, treating yourself to some weekly fresh flowers is one way to spruce up your kitchen worktops and brighten up your home.

The beautiful floral scents welcome anybody through the door and if you’ve had a long day out of the house it’s simply lovely to walk into a beautiful smell.

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Using textures in your home is a fantastic way to alter the layers in your living space with new and beautiful materials to really tantalize the touching sense.

Getting cozy on the sofa with a chunky knit throw even on a cool spring evening really does make you feel in touch with your interior and extremely relaxed.

Consider adding some contrasting cushions, that already coincide with your existing decor to keep your costs relatively low. Materials that are beautiful and kind to the skin include silk, velvet, and fur.

Touch Up Your High-End Materials

Touching up your high-end materials can be anything from upcycling a beautiful old cabinet by adding some new door handles and giving a fresh lick of paint to recreating the look and style of your entire kitchen by replacing the cupboard knobs with new cabinet pulls or door handles.

The possibilities are endless and when you’re so spoilt for choice you have the means to do some research on the best products out there for you and your personal style and they’re certainly pleased to view.


Styling through your senses can evoke a particular thought process, emotion, or past memory. It really is a beautiful way to enjoy your home.

Exploring your interior design through your taste doesn’t mean we have to consume our furniture, in fact, quite the opposite.

You can look into exploring different ways in which you can move your furniture around the room to segregate areas apart.

If you particularly enjoy a cup of tea in the morning sunshine with your parents or a friend you may want to create an area for this, perhaps in the living room window pair two armchairs and a table together to designate a spot to enjoy this very moment.

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