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Switch on Your Interior Game

Interior design has experienced its very own makeover in recent years with light switches becoming a huge interior trend.

A simple trick to switch on your interior game is to make changes to your switches and plug sockets at home. Watch your home switch from sweet to sleek with the following electrical trends.

image - Switch on Your Interior Game
Switch on Your Interior Game – Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Dimmer Switches

You can elevate your home detailing by adding dimmer switches. Crafted from solid metal and featuring the signature cross-knurl pattern and solid metal coin screws, Buster & Punch provide a beautiful collection of dimmer switches allowing for the perfect ambiance in your home.

They provide a small statement to your interior showing the fine detailing you have taken to create a stunning interior design through small changes with a big impact.

It’s no secret that your renovation project will pop with additional detailing in your light switches and lighting ambiance.

You now have the ability to create a beautiful atmosphere paired with a beautiful switch design. Creating the perfect vibe for your home, party, and event just got easier.

Toggle Switches

The main difference between a standard light switch and a toggle switch is the appearance. They both provide a simple on / off.

However, when you’re renovating your home and deciding which form of a light switch to go for you have to take into consideration the interior design and vibe you’re looking to achieve within your home environment.

Whilst a standard light switch tends to appear more modern, a toggle switch makes more of a statement in your home, particularly if your interior bodes a more classical look.

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USB Chargers

A USB charger is a hassle-free solution to charging your phone with the benefit of adding a beautiful finish to your decor and space.

Looking at the collection of USB chargers available at Buster & Punch your USB charger can actually team up to match your dimmer switches to finalize your interior and continue the consistency throughout your home, whilst giving you easy access to a phone charger at all times.

image - USB Chargers
Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Plug Sockets

Tying your plug socket design in with your switches throughout your interior shows the attention to detail in your home by complementing each other beautifully.

They really do add a touch of luxury to your home. This once uninteresting electrical product has transformed from a standard piece of kit into an essential item to consider throughout your home to add the desired touch of perfection.

image - Plug Sockets
Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Electricity Plates

Whilst considering what finishing touches to add to your interiors through your light switches and plug sockets, remember to take into account the electricity plates, even if they’re tucked away behind a TV or sound system.

It really is the finer details that count. The electricity plates can be fitted with module inserts to suit all your electrical, data, sound, and AV requirements, and team up with the design of your plug sockets and switches in a matching finish to keep the decor consistent throughout.