If you want your garage or exercise area to be attractive with less effort then an Epoxy floor coating is just perfect for you.

It gives an attractive look and is cost-saving. You can also use An Epoxy floor coating as preventative maintenance for concrete flooring.

To prepare and apply an epoxy floor coating you just have to follow a few steps. But remember to use personal protective equipment for your safety.

As the installation of the floor takes several days, therefore, you have to keep an eye on the weather conditions; the temperature should be moderate and there should be no rain and high humidity. So, you have to plan a reasonable schedule for this project.

image - How is Epoxy Coating Made?

How is Epoxy Coating Made?

Steps for Installation of an Epoxy Floor Coating

You do not need any professional workers to install it; you can easily install it by yourself without any hassle. Here is the list of steps:

1. Cleaning the Floor

To make the floor ideal for epoxy coating, the first thing is to clear the furniture and other items from the floor and then clean it properly.

See if there are any stains present on the floor, if there are any then you have to clean that. There are Concrete cleaning products available in the markets for tougher stains such as oil stains, grease, and other conditions.

Use the product and a stiff nylon bristle brush to remove stubborn stains. Another thing to remember is that there should be no moisture. If there is moisture present then that area should be properly treated for best results.

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2. Preparing the Floor Surface

The next step is the repairing of the floor. If there are any chips or cracks present on the floor then you need to repair them. Level out the surface with the help of a self-leveling sealer.

Also, acid etches the concrete which will increase the surface roughness, and then the epoxy coating will have a good bond to the concrete. Be sure that the surface is thoroughly dried before applying the base coat application.

3. Base Coat Application

Once the whole surface is well prepared for coating then you have to apply the base coat. Make sure there is no dust present on the floor. You have to tape the areas where you do not want base coat-like walls.

Now start mixing the proper proportions of coating and hardener. Follow the instructions and be careful while mixing the product. Start applying and use a paint roller for a smooth finish.

4. Adding Decorative Chips

Make sure that there are no bubbles present and then apply decorative flakes or chips to the flooring. To spread chips on the floor uniformly, throw them upwards toward the ceiling. Apply the flakes to the flour until you achieve the result that you desire.

5. Applying the Top Coat

The last step is to apply an epoxy finisher. It is applied in the same manner as the base coat. You can add anti-slip abrasives such as aluminum oxide powder to make your surface less slippery. Let the coat dry for 24hours and then apply Acetone or MEK to clean up any spills.


It is really easy to install an Epoxy floor without any professional help. You have to clean the floor thoroughly and apply then apply the mixture. Have a perfect and attractive floor with just a few steps.

Remember safety comes first so use protective equipment. Decorate your floor with chips or flakes and have your little perfect space. You can also connect us at https://www.a1epoxyflooring.com/melbourne/ for any expert help.