The prospect of cutting concrete is a daunting task, but it does not have to be. You can do this job pretty smoothly if you choose the right tools.

Diamond chainsaws and cut-off machines are the two most common machines that can go through concrete.

image - Do Concrete Cutting Machinery Cut Through Concrete

Do Concrete Cutting Machinery Cut Through Concrete

By understanding the differences between the machine types, you can make the appropriate choice for the job.

How Do Diamond Chainsaws Cut Concrete?

A diamond chainsaw is a tool that looks like a wood-cutting chainsaw with a powerhead, chain, and a guide bar, which works by a sprocket from the powerhead around the guide bar.

As the name suggests, the chain and diamond chainsaws incorporate diamond segments that are laser joined to the chain in the place of cutting teeth that is usual with a wood saw.

Like a traditional circular diamond blade, the diamond segments create a grinding action that fades away the concrete, brick, or other aggregate material.

This grinding action starts a safe cutting operation with none of the kickback linked with a wood chain.

When cutting concrete, wet cutting is endorsed to help control dust. The water binds the dust and decreases the amount of airborne dust caused while cutting the concrete.

There are hydraulic diamond chainsaws that are able to cut to a depth of 25-inch depth.

A 14-inch blade on a cut-off saw designed for a maximum depth of slightly less than 5 inches.

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How Do Cut-off Machines Cut Concrete?

It is a go-to choice for most pro concrete cutting tasks; these machines are hand-held saws used for cutting concrete, metal, and asphalt.

You can use a composite resin abrasive wheel or a diamond blade to cut in various construction applications.

The blades are available in the 12 to 14 inches sizes; you can power the cut-off machines with a two-stroke gas engine, a hydraulic power unit, an air compressor, or an electric motor.

The power source choice relies on the application. Electric saws are popular amongst some operators because they are lightweight, easy to use, and less noisy than other cut-off machines.

The cut-off machine does not use regular shaped edges for cutting; it has a built-in clamp or vise, with a cutting wheel and motor in the machine on a free arm attached to a fixed base plate.

Since the introduction of the cut-off saw, many building job sites are running smoothly.

These tools are also handy for lightweight steel fabrication and in workshops that also use constant power, cold saw because of their portability.

Most popular among the different types of cut-off machines are units that work on gas.

These tools offer the advantages of familiarity and portability, but they do require more maintenance.

There are various things you should be aware of when using the cut-off machine.

The end-user should read, follow and understand the directions and warnings in the instruction manual.


Using the appropriate equipment for the right job is essential for that concrete cutting procedure.

It is better to take the help of a professional if it is the first time cutting concrete as they are experts in their work and will provide better work quality.