You may want to install fences on your property, but there are specific questions you may ask yourself. For example, will it increase the value of your house? Or what type of fence provides more security? Read the following article to learn more.

Adding a fence to the home can serve several purposes; you can use it for privacy that can stop wild animals from getting into your yard and help keep your pets and children in the yard.

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Does Fencing Add Value to Your House

How Can a Fence Add Value to Your Home?

On average, privacy fences are between 4-9 feet tall, depending on various factors such as maintenance and material. Installing a privacy fence can increase the home’s marketability when you decide to sell the property.

Following are some ways fences can increase the value of the home.

●  Fence Position

A nice fence can have decorative advantages like enhancing the appearance of the yard and home as a whole. If you live in a house with an aesthetically undesirable view outback, a tall, strong fence will work for you. It can block the view and create a desirable view of the backyard.

You may not know, but a properly placed fence and is of a certain standard. It also provides a significant impact. For instance, a front yard fence may reduce the home’s curb appeal, but a fence in the backyard can enhance the property value.

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●  Material

The fencing material is an essential aspect that could be the difference of whether or not the fence becomes a valuable aspect or forces the property down is the fence’s material. Solid or wooden fences like concentrate or cast iron could potentially net at least 50% of the installation and materials costs on resale.

However, bear in mind that not all fences can increase the property’s value; for instance, a chain-link fence, a fence style that is considered less aesthetically pleasing, is a less costly option when installing the fence. Still, it will not increase the property value as much.

●  Professional Installation

Installing the fence professionally can significantly impact the home value; if you install the fence of a certain quality level, it can help the fence stand up over time as it can withstand elemental effects such as weather.

Years after the fence installation, the quality will increase and hold the home value when you are ready to sell without significant additional investment in the fence.

●  Fence Maintenance

Regardless of how well you build the fence, you should maintain it over the years. If you install a wood fence, the fence type is likely to raise the home’s value; it is essential to seal or stain the fence. This will block the fence from rotting or being destroyed by termites over the years.


Adding a fence is not a small project to try and take on. For this reason, it is essential to know whether a fence will increase the home value. The answer to the question is yes, but it depends on the quality of the fence.