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How Fast Does Lilly Pilly Resilience Grow?

illy pilly resilience are trees and shrubs that are mostly grown on the eastern coast of Australia.

These plants are known to have colorful berries and fluffy flowers, you can get the best from industry veterans like Hedging And Screening. These plants make very good hedges and are even found in pots and garden beds.

image - How Fast Does Lilly Pilly Resilience Grow?
How Fast Does Lilly Pilly Resilience Grow?

You can find these plants to grow from 75 cm up to 30 meters in height. These plants are so good for pruning because they respond well when they are pruned so they can grow outwards and become very thick.

If you wish to buy Lilly Pilly and know how fast they grow under different conditions, then this article will help you understand that better.

How Can You Grow Lilly Phillies

These plants can be grown when there is sunlight or even shade. These can be grown in many different types of soils, and they grow very well too. When these plants get more sun and water, then they tend to grow better.

If you want your hedges to come in fast, you should aim to plant these in good soil as you will get your plants very quickly. These plants are quite tough and can grow in all conditions; however, when they are small, it is better if you grow them in lives that do not have too many cold winds because, at that time, they can be more vulnerable.

If you want your plants to grow well and fast, then you should use some fertilizer that is organic in the autumn, spring, and summer. Even eco-amino gro and eco-seaweed every two to four weeks can help to increase the growth speed of the plant.

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Should You Prune These Plants Often?

These plants grow well by themselves and do not need much pruning, but if you wish to change their shape or height, then you can prune them. You will get a good hedge if you choose to prune these plants.

Keep on pruning at the top and side to get a good shape and dense growth. There are many different Lilly Pilly’s that you can choose from, and you should do this based on what you expect from the plant that you have.


The growth speed of these plants can mainly vary with the species that you choose. If you want a plant that is not too tall or you want one that is tall is all up to you because you can now choose one based on your desire.

The speed of growth is also dependent upon the conditions of growth. In a place that has good soil, water, and sunlight, this plant will grow very well and thrive.

On the other hand, if the growing conditions are not that good, then the growth of the plant might suffer. The Average height might be about 2 to 3 meters high and about 1 to 2 meters in length.

You also have hedge species that grow very fast, and they can reach heights of about 8 meters when left to grow without any trimming.