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Best Plants for Your Living Room

Do you want to freshen up your living room and make it warmer and more welcoming?

A few houseplants in the right locations could be exactly what your living room needs to give the room a natural vibe and a bit of color.

image - Best Plants for Your Living Room
Best Plants for Your Living Room

Nowadays there are lots of excellent houseplants that you can choose from, and the best options for your living room are:

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is known for its beautiful white, spoon-shaped flowers as well as its shiny leaves.

It is an adaptable and low-maintenance houseplant that can cope with low or moderate light conditions – though bright light will make them bloom better.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant gets its name from the green banded pattern on its thin leaves that looks somewhat like the skin of a snake.

The fact that it can live in almost any environment and is even capable of surviving droughts makes it a good houseplant for beginners.

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Spider Plant

Although its name may sound creepy, the Spider Plant is one of the more popular hanging plants.

It has long, narrow green leaves with white stripes and is famous for being easy to grow and care for.


The Pothos Plant is a vine that has verdant green leaves and looks great when hung up or placed on a shelf so that its vines drape down.

It doesn’t require much attention as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight and don’t overwater it.

ZZ Plant

If you want a plant that can survive in extremely low light, the ZZ plant is the perfect fit.

It has succulent, waxy, dark green leaves that reflect light and it looks good on desks or coffee tables. Although the ZZ Plant can flower, it does so very rarely.

Fiddle Leaf Figs

The large, heavily-veined, violin-shaped leaves of fiddle leaf figs have made them one of the most popular indoor plants.

Just remember that although they look amazing, fiddle leaf figs can be a bit finicky and require bright but filtered light in order to thrive.

Chinese Evergreen

With silver patterns on its green leaves, the Chinese Evergreen is a very laid back plant that is not fussy at all.

In fact, as long as you keep its soil slightly moist it doesn’t need much else and can survive with very little light.

Prayer Plants

Prayer Plants come in several variants and are known for the striking patterns on their leaves.

While these plants look great and don’t require that much sunlight if they don’t get enough the leaves may not open fully.

African Violets

The African Violet is one of the most popular flowering houseplants that bloom in shades of white, purple, or pink.

It has fuzzy green leaves and requires some bright but indirect sunlight to grow and bloom well.

Norfolk Island Pine

With its delicate looks and light green needles, the Norfolk Island Pine is a particularly attractive houseplant.

That being said it does require bright light and is very sensitive to any changes in the temperature.

Hopefully, this list of popular houseplants will give you some ideas that you can work with to find one that fits well in your living room.

Be sure to carefully go over each option and figure out what you want based on the light conditions as well as the care that is required.

Seeing how popular these plants are it shouldn’t be too hard to find them once you’ve made a decision.

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