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How to Grind Meat With a Kitchenaid: Things to Know

You may have to grind meat if you want to prepare home-made steak, sausages, or other things with beef, pork, poultry, or fishes.

On the other hand, KitchenAid is well-known for the grinding task; find out how to grind meat with a KitchenAid.

image - How to Grind Meat with A Kitchenaid Things to Know
How to Grind Meat with A Kitchenaid Things to Know

Be careful while using a grinder connected to the mixer; don’t put your nails or fingers in the blades.

Otherwise, you will get seriously injured, and the injury may be irrecoverable; you can wear hand gloves before working.

Many professional chefs also rely upon the KitchenAid mixer; let’s see how to use it, clean it, and some of the best grinders.

Grind Your Meat Today with Your KitchenAid: Follow These Steps

Let’s see the steps of how to grind meat with a KitchenAid; here’s the list:

  • Chill the grinder’s parts in a freezer for several hours.
  • Cut the meat into cubic shapes and put them to freeze.
  • Gather all the chilled equipment and attach them to the mixer.
  • Connect them to the plug and start the grinder and mixer.
  • Get the ground meat you like with your KitchenAid.
  • Cook the meat you want or according to your recipe.
  • Clean the equipment well to use them further.

Step 1: Chill the Grinder’s Parts in a Freezer for Several Hours

Your grinder may contain several parts, including the blades, screws, and plates; put them into a freezer at least 5-6 hours before grinding.

Freezing them will ensure food safety because they prevent bacteria growth and cross-contamination.

You can make them sterilize before you put them in the refrigerator; thus, you can prevent other items there to get contaminated.

Moreover, a cold temperature is more appropriate for grinding; so, prepare the cold equipment and meat.

Step 2: Cut the Meat into Cubic Shapes and Put them to Freeze

If you haven’t cut the meat and put them to freeze with the mixer’s parts, you can do that afterward.

Take meats containing sufficient fat because it helps to grind and brings a good flavor.

The fat content can be 25% up to 75%; the shape and nutrients may depend on which product you’re choosing.

For instance, a pork’s body parts are quite different from a cow’s; that’s why the cutting shape and thickness should differ.

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Step 3: Gather All the Chilled Equipment and Attach Them to the Mixer

Attach the screw and then the blades to the front side; join the grinder plate at the top.

Please make sure you have put the grinder worm inside; however, you may get the plates in 3-sizes.

You may take care of another thing, and that is, you shouldn’t plug the wire in before attaching the grinder’s parts.

Step 4: Connect Them to Plug and Start the Grinder and Mixer

Once you’ve gathered all parts of the grinder, you may connect it to the KitchenAid mixer; connect it to the nearest switch.

Moreover, set the speed at 4 because it’s the most suitable pace for meat grinding.

Cleanliness is compulsory; so, check if the mixer is also clean or not. You can check if the speed and blades are perfect or not, but be careful while checking.

Step 5: Get the Ground Meat You Like With Your KitchenAid

Keep the cold and chopped meats on the plate, turn on the machine, and slowly send the flesh pieces to the tube.

You can put a little pressure on the hoop so that the meat goes inside and reaches the blades.

Don’t pressurize the gadget too much; otherwise, it may damage. However, if you want your meat more ground, you can run the meat twice through the grinder instead of once.

Step 6: Cook the Meat You Want or According to Your Recipe

After you’ve prepared the ground meat, follow the dish’s recipe you want to intake. You may either fry, grill, or make steak or sausage for your desired meal.

Add the spices and other necessary ingredients to make the taste accurate.

Step 7: Clean the Equipment Well to Use Them Further

After preparing the ground meat, you should clean the grinder and mixer parts.

Clean them with foam and soap correctly because there may be meat particles on the grinder that can create plaque and germs.

Do You Know How Will You Clean the Grinder?

Before or after using the grinder, you must clean it to prepare more hygienic; separate the parts first.

Some parts can be friendly with dishwashers, such as removable trays, collar, and food pusher.

On the other hand, some compatible with soap water or warm water, such as blades, grinding plates, warms, and screws.

Follow your KitchenAid’s instruction manual while operating and washing them.

Wash and rinse them immediately; don’t leave them wet while packing, and wipe with soft clothes.

After washing them, you can pack up the parts and store them in a dry place to use them when necessary.

Find out about the Perfect Meat Grinder for KitchenAid

KitchenAid electric mixers are compatible with meat grinders, but you would like to know about the best ones.

Let’s check the list of the right KitchenAid meat grinders.

  • ANTREE Food Meat Grinder Attachments,
  • Gvode Stainless Steel Food Grinder,
  • KitchenAid KSMFGA Food Grinder Attachments,
  • Inno Moon Food Meat Grind Attachment,
  • Gvode Metal Food Grinder Attachment.

These are the top-5 grinder attachments that are suitable for KitchenAid mixers, according to Google in 2020.

You may check their reviews on Amazon; remember, stainless steel is the best for grinders.

A thorough study regarding the reviews of the best-rated KitchenAid meat grinder attachments will help you make the right decision at the end of the day.


KitchenAid mixer works better than other ordinary meat grinders; you can buy them either from stores or online.

The procedure and steps of how to grind meat with a KitchenAid are comfortable and the same as using a standard grinder.

Buy grinder attachments from a renowned brand with a long-time warranty; use them properly to make them long-lasting.

Therefore, you must know the usage and maintenance methods; you may take help from the manual.

Please don’t be worried about the price because they are affordable; you can now buy grinders and other necessary ingredients and enjoy mouthwatering dishes at home.

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