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How to Find the Best Customized LED lights Manufacturer

8 Main Things to Consider When Choosing a Customized LED Lights Manufacturer

Customized LED lights are a fast-growing trend that is getting embraced all over the world. Consequently, more and more LED Lights manufacturers are popping up. Hence, knowing which one to trust is not easy.

Now, finding a reliable manufacturer is important when looking for the best customized LED lights. Note that some companies produce high-quality products while others don’t. Anyway, as important as quality may be, it is not the only thing that should convince you to pick the right manufacturer.

image - How to Find the Best Customized LED lights Manufacturer
How to Find the Best Customized LED lights Manufacturer

That said, always aim to work with manufacturing companies that have an impressive reputation; especially, when it comes to custom LED light fixtures. Why? Because customization requires that the end product fits the customer’s exact specifications.

Therefore, you need a manufacturer that’s experienced, competent, reliable, and timely. A small mess could change the whole product. And that’s why most people are usually skeptical of new or unpopular companies. But, instead of ignoring them, how about you find out what to look for in an LED manufacturing company?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Manufacturer’s Strength and Capability

In essence, you want to know, is this company actually capable? Can they provide the ideal LED customized solutions? Well, to figure that out, there are a few things you will have to find out about the manufacturer.

  • First, you have to consider their history. Find out why they started, where they started from and what they stand for. Find out their mission and vision and work culture.
  • Look at their product catalog. See the kind of products they manufacture and if they align with your lighting needs.
  • Check their rate of production. This is important. It helps you know how long you will have to wait to receive your final customized LED fixtures.

Luckily, most manufacturing companies provide this information on their online sites. Therefore, you can do all this in the comfort of your home.

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2. Quality of Products

We can all agree that when it comes to LED products, quality should not be compromised. The costs associated with getting customized LED fixtures is relatively higher than any other lighting technology. So, why risk spending more money to get low-quality products?

But, how will you know the right quality of products you have never used/bought before? Well, there’s one easy way of doing it – looking for customer feedback.

Clients often review and rate the products they have purchased and that information is publicly available. Through these reviews, you will know a lot about the manufacturer; including the quality and efficiency of their products. Plus, ratings give you a rough idea of how good or bad their products are.

This criterion makes decision-making so much easier. Therefore, once you have identified a potential manufacturer, don’t forget to go through the client’s reviews. Doing so gives you a glimpse of what to expect.

Also, it is even better when someone you know has been the company’s client before. That way, you’ll get first-hand information and use it as your guide.

3. Their Certifications

Nowadays, almost every company has certifications to prove its experience, compliance, best skills, and legitimacy. Therefore, coming across one that lacks these certificates could mean two things; either they are new to the industry and inexperienced or they aren’t the best at what they do.

Generally, certifications prove a company’s track record. The more a company has, the higher the chances of them delivering what you need. So, before purchasing customized LED products from a manufacturer, ensure you check their certifications.

Luckily, some provide theirs on their online sites; but if you can’t find any, do not hesitate to ask to see them. This way, you will be less likely to fall prey to costly scams.

Also, note that these certifications come in different levels depending on the company’s location and the certifying agency. And, to be on the safe side, always check for legal stamps and signatures from the relevant authorities.

4. Quotations and Costs

Without a doubt, price is a huge determiner when selecting an ideal customized LED lights manufacturer. Now, before making any commitments, you must request a price quotation.

When you find out how much they charge for their products and services, it will be easy for you to know if the project’s costs will be within your budget. It should be your goal to find a manufacturer that will give you value for your money.

But, you should note that “cheap can be expensive in the long run.” Moreover, it is equally true that “expensive is not always a guarantee of quality.” So, you have to do ample research, try to find out why they are cheap/expensive, and choose wisely.

Not forgetting, you should check their service charges too; including delivery fees and after-sales services. The last thing you want is to get caught off-guard by hidden charges.

5. Product Warranties

Another important aspect of customized LED light purchases is the warranty. Now, this isn’t for the company, it’s for you. With a warranty, your products are insured, in a way, from premature failure or faulty functioning. Simply put, warranties mean that, in case of premature malfunction, the company is willing to fix or replace the product(s) at no cost.

However, this offer depends on several conditions being met and only stands for a certain period. For most companies, warranties run-up to a year. However, most reputable manufacturers like ShineLong offer up to 5 years.

6. Fulfillment & Delivery Services

In case you are a customer who prefers office or home delivery, this is very important. First, find out if the manufacturing company offers delivery services. If it does, proceed to locations; i.e. where does it deliver and where does it not? Is your area included? If it is, evaluate the company’s delivery charges.

If the charges are pocket-friendly, you can then inquire about delivery timelines. Some companies deliver once or twice a week, others once or twice a month. Others deliver on weekends only and others, every day. So, you are at liberty to choose whichever timeline works best for you.

Pro tip – it’s important to find out the precautionary measures the delivery team takes during shipment. In other words, how they’ll ensure your products arrive on time and in one piece. A good company will refund or replace products in case of damage during transit.

7. Communication or Customer Relations

It’s a fact that communication can determine the success or failure of a business transaction. By communication, I am putting emphasis on customer care services. The way a company serves you during inquiry is the way it will treat you even after the deal is sealed.

Thus, it’s advisable to go for a company with excellent customer care services. Such companies listen to and respect their customers. In most cases, they’ll walk you through the whole process to help you make an informed decision. Quality companies are often geared towards maximum customer satisfaction.

More so, it helps to choose a company that is reachable on different platforms. Because it will be easy to access them when you have concerns about your customized LED fixtures. Remember, efficient communication also enables you to track your orders.

8. Product Sample

Once you have found a suitable manufacturer, request a sample product. A good manufacturing company should be able to provide that easily and on time. When you receive the sample, your primary goal should be to test it.

Evaluate the sample’s quality, functionality, and efficiency. That could mean:

  • Testing its ability to survive any impact
  • Checking how well it works in its intended space/environment
  • Evaluating its luminous output, housing strength, energy efficiency, and more.

The goal, here, is to make sure the sample meets your needs and the needs/requirements of its intended usage environment. And, if you are getting customized LED fixtures for business, you can send the sample to some of your biggest clients to see what they think of it.

In case the feedback is good, you have the go-ahead to proceed to full-scale production. If not, you can try another manufacturer (probably, the second-best among your options); or liaise with the manufacturer to make changes where the product might have fallen short.

To Summarize

With this carefully curated checklist, you have everything needed to identify a potential custom-made LED lights manufacturer. Remember, getting a reliable and efficient manufacturer is the only way to successfully get customized LED light fixtures.

A company doesn’t have to be big and popular to produce your ideal customized LED solutions. As long as it satisfies the considerations listed here, you can count on it. All the best!

Author Bio

Nat Huang is the Chief Marketing Officer for ShineLong, a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in providing LED Tri-Proof lights and commercial lighting solutions to its global customer base through an official website. Follow him on Twitter @imrNat.

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