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How to Find the Right Asbestos Inspection Company

Asbestos is one of the most dangerous materials that you can find in any Australian home. Specifically, if the property was built during the 70s or 80s.

In a vintage home, you can find this fibrous material mostly in walls and columns because it was used as a fireproofing agent and insulation back then.

It was a staple material for the construction of houses and other establishments.

image - How to Find the Right Asbestos Inspection Company
How to Find the Right Asbestos Inspection Company

But now, it has become a health risk for anyone who’s trying to renovate their houses.

Asbestos, if disturbed by any kind of power tools, can release micro-dust into the open air. And once inhaled, these fibers can cause several lung diseases.

So if you know that your house was built during the 70s or 80s and you suspect it of having asbestos all over, you might want to cancel your plans of renovating it.

The best thing to do is to hire legit inspectors to see whether you need to be cautious of asbestos presence.

Having your house checked by an expert eye can help you minimize the risk of getting lung diseases that are preventable in the first place.

To help you weed out your options, below are some insights on how you can find the best asbestos inspection company there is:

1. Never Mistake Asbestos Inspection for Asbestos Removal

First things first. Removal of asbestos is entirely different from inspecting whether the harmful material is present in your house at all.

So beware of asbestos removal companies who try to offer inspection services, that’s because of conflict of interest.

There’s a chance that the asbestos removal company will make a report that can hugely favor their removal business.

The best thing to do about it is to do your research. Don’t be swayed by promos, discounts, and other promotional gimmicks.

Instead, investigate whether the company has a license for asbestos removal. You can visit WorkSafe’s website and look for the company name.

All the details including their license are there. Once you see a license for asbestos removal, erase the company from your list, they’re not worth it.

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2. Make Sure the Inspectors Are Certified

Residential asbestos inspection must not be brushed off. That’s why it’s also necessary that the team that will look into your house is composed of certified inspectors. After all, the health of your family is at stake here.

Beware of inspection companies that hire retired builders. While we have nothing against former construction workers, you might be better off with companies that employ legit inspectors.

It is more reassuring to know that certified inspectors have undergone training about asbestos risk management, so they can give an accurate report about the asbestos in your house.

3. Look for Accreditations

To further confirm the legitimacy of the company, you can also check their accreditations, affiliations, and awards.

You can go check their websites for these kinds of documents. Most legitimate companies always display their awards on their business site so finding these is a piece of cake.

You can also check on their website whether they also offer other services like plumbing or extermination of pests like rats and termites.

If you see these services offered on their website, that’s a red flag.

While expanding the services of their business is good for their company, it might not be good for you.

As much as possible, you would want the company that will inspect your house to only have one service. And that is inspection.

This means that they’re dedicating their efforts and resources to further improve their service.

Like we’ve said earlier, asbestos is a serious health risk. And you would want real experts to handle it for you to minimize the risk of getting severe diseases.