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How to Handle a Replacement Window Installation Job Gone Bad?

image - How to Handle a Replacement Window Installation Job Gone Bad
How to Handle a Replacement Window Installation Job Gone Bad

1. What Is a Replacement Window Installation Job Gone Wrong?

The majority of the time, people complain about how long it took to get their problems fixed.

However, something like this can be considered a minor inconvenience if nothing physical has happened to them or their home.

The worst part is that they will talk about how they have had no luck getting the company’s owner or management to see the situation from their perspective.

First off, if something has happened to your property due to faulty quality, then you should contact the authorities for them to document what has occurred.

If anything was damaged due to this project, get estimates from other contractors for repair services.

This way, you will be able to submit these costs as an added expense for which you are seeking compensation.

Another good idea would be taping any photographs that prove your damages with date stamps showing when you took them.

For example, if rotten wood was installed and it rotted further due to the elements or heavy rain, you will need this as documentation.

2. Why Do Some Replacement Window Jobs Seem to Turn Out So Badly?

It could be that a homeowner chooses a week type of replacement window for the task. It could also be that some artistry methods leave something to be desired, or it may just mean that the wrong installation method is being used.

And then there’s always the chance that you have some unscrupulous salesperson or contractor involved who doesn’t care about doing a good job and will do whatever it takes to get your money and keep moving on to the next project.

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3. How to Fix the Problem Before It Gets Worse?

A window replacement job is one of the most significant home repair projects you can take on. You’ll be dealing with contractors, handling much money, and making decisions that will affect you for years to come.

Your current window installation is taking longer than you expected.   If they’re being worked on at the moment and not completely installed yet, then there’s no reason to stop work because of that.

But let your contractors know right away if you have any concerns about their performance or quality of work.

Make sure you document everything carefully so that if things go wrong, later on, you can prove that you notified your window replacement company sufficiently before something became an issue for either party.

Ideally and efficiently within 48 hours, you don’t have much of a problem.  If they’re not finished with the job within 48 hours, you need to have a conversation about what needs to happen next.

4. Tips for A Future Window Installation Job

In some cases where the old windows were made of wood, long gone with time, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to notice that replacement windows are much larger than they used to be (or should be).

This is because the homeowners replace them with newer ones which are available on today’s market.

The replacement window installation process has always been quite simple.  First, remove the old window (glass and all), then install a new one.

It’s pretty straightforward and requires very little energy in case you’re working alone.  A typical replacement window installation job should only take approximately 2 hours for a DIYer or maybe 3 to 4 hours for professional contractors.

You may spend some time measuring, but that’s about it. You have to make sure that you measure correctly, in any case.

It is best to get out your tape and measuring tools and a pencil or pen and take careful measurements inside the window frame so that all the replacement windows are similar in size.

Then, order the right ones from local contractors. For more information, ask our experts on window replacements.

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