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What is the Average Cost of Window Replacement?

Your new window replacement may cost a little more than your old one, but it could be a lot more. And that’s just one window!

If you’re replacing the entire window, you might think that it will be less costly, since the glass replacement will also be the least expensive.

But there are many factors to consider when you’re shopping for window replacement, including how much you have to pay for framing, the amount of work involved, and even the number of people who will be in the house at one time.

image - What is the Average Cost of Window Replacement
What is the Average Cost of Window Replacement

To Find Out What the Average Cost of Window Replacement

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Contact a Contractor

To find out what the average cost of window replacement is, contact a contractor. They’ll be able to give you an accurate quote based on your situation.

They should be able to tell you about the costs of glass replacement, and if you’re going to be covered by a warranty, you can get an idea of what the actual price might be.

It’s also important to know that this number doesn’t necessarily include labor or materials unless they say so. It also doesn’t necessarily include the installation cost, if the contractor estimates it for you based on the square footage of the room that you need it in.

Ask About the Cost of Installation and Labor Charges

It’s better to ask about the cost of installing, rather than considering it to be part of the cost of window replacement. If you choose the installer based on their price, you could find yourself paying for something that wasn’t really necessary at all.

You’ll want to ask about the installation costs, as well as the labor charges if they’re not included in the quote.

A final thing to remember when you’re looking at the average cost of window replacement is that the cost doesn’t just include the frame. Many windows are installed over studs, so it can add up to a lot.

Take into account the thickness of the frame, and you might even find that you’re paying twice as much as you would if you had taken into account the thickness of the studs.

Factors in Costing of Window Replacement


The cost of the window replacement will vary from one company to another. It’s important to look around and see how each company rates at its prices since some companies offer a better deal than others. It might also help to get several quotes from different contractors, so you can compare the prices and services each offer.

Type of Damage

You also might find that in the event that you need a company to replace some of the framed glass, or that some other type of damage happens, you might find that this isn’t covered by your warranty. That’s why it’s important to check before you make the purchase.

Benefits of Having Replacement Windows in Your Home

In addition to considering the window replacement cost, another thing to consider is the benefits of having replacement windows in your home. As windows go, they are long-lasting and easy to clean.

You can save money in maintenance costs over the life of the window, plus you have an eye to safety since they keep out bugs and debris from entering your home.


Whatever the case, it’s important to find a contractor that can provide you with a good quote on replacement windows. Since they’re the company that will be replacing the actual window, that can lower the cost of the job and may even help to save you money, if you can get it done at a lower price.

Finally, if you’ve decided to replace your windows yourself, it’s important to know the average cost of replacement windows.

They’re not that much more expensive than the original windows, but you might be able to find cheaper ones, depending on the size and material. Still, it’s worth the price to replace them for added safety and durability, especially if you have pets or kids that enjoy climbing.

So, the answer to what is the average cost of window replacement? It depends, to a large extent, on the type of replacement window you need, the location where you live, and how big or small the windows are.

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