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How Can A Homeowner Recognize When A Roof System Has Problems?

Your roof provides shelter, insulation, and protection from the elements. The elements in Portland change radically with the seasons.

Recognizing problems in your roofing system can help you save money, improve the longevity of your roof, and know when it’s time to replace it.

image - How Can A Homeowner Recognize When A Roof System Has Problems
How Can A Homeowner Recognize When A Roof System Has Problems

Whenever a homeowner takes notice of a damaged roof, they may find deficiencies in the exterior structure or interior structure inside the home.

Experienced roofing contractors in Portland can recognize the following signs and offer suggestions on how to repair or replace ailing roofs.

Exterior Roof Damage

Some of the signs of damage, like those caused by inclement weather, maybe immediately visible.

However, major roof damage doesn’t have to be glaring, and even seemingly small problems like a missing or broken shingle could create lots of problems in your roofing system.

Shingles will crumble and deteriorate naturally over time due to weathering. This normal wear-and-tear of a roof happens, but if granules continue falling and accumulating in your drains, and your roof is not new, then it could be worthwhile to have a qualified roofing expert in Portland assess it.

Discoloration, cracking, flashing problems, and collapsing roofing materials could all be telltale signs that your roofing system has problems.

Various things can contribute to roof damage, but it’s also important to check the damage from the interior of your home to confirm the source of your problems.

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Interior Roof Damage

When your roof is damaged, then it is likely that you will see the following in your attic, home, or office:

Improper Ventilation

One of the most overlooked problems in Portland roofing systems is a lack of ventilation.

Signs of an improperly ventilated attic could include noticeable temperature increases in the upper levels of the home, blistering on the shingles, thermal cracking in the shingle, and water spots from condensation.

These commonly overlooked issues can cause premature breakdown of your roof while voiding your manufacturer’s warranties.

Stains, Leaks, and Peeling

Water leaks from the roof can discolor a ceiling and give it a brownish-beige color. You may also notice brown irregularly-shaped circles and the blooms of mold that are spreading through the walls.

Peeling wallpaper is also a sign of moisture getting into your walls, making the adhesive ineffective, causing the wallpaper to separate.

When you notice these types of leaks, peeling, or mold, consult with an experienced Portland roofing contractor about your options.

Molding and Rotting

Rot and mold in your attic will carry a unique smell that most homeowners usually notice first.  You can usually see the signs of mold in the floor below, in the corners of the walls, or up in the attic.

Mold fungus can compromise the strength of your floorboards, so if you notice any mold growing in your attic, speak with a professional before returning to your attic.

Portland Roofing Contractors Can Help

Routine maintenance could help prevent damages to your home and can help you to determine when is the best time is to replace your older roof.

Whether you need repairs or are looking for a contractor to assess your roof to start regular maintenance on it, speaking with adept roofing professional in your local portland community can help you prepare for inclement weather and protect your home.

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