To understand why many are finally choosing recliner chairs over standard office chairs (among other types), here are verified health dangers to prolonged sitting.

And to sit on chairs that do not offer the capacity of movement the way recliners do.

image - The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting and Why You Should Switch to A Recliner Chair

The Dangers of Prolonged Sitting and Why You Should Switch to A Recliner Chair

1. Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain

An evident consequence of sitting in fixed positions for hours on end will inevitably bring about muscle and joint pain.

When prolonged sitting because a regular part of your routine, said bodily aches will become chronic.

And it isn’t the discomfort of going through every day with these body pains. It’s that they can be crippling to what would be a productive you.

You may begin to see a decline in your work productivity due to having parts of your body unable to move as they should.

2. Weight Gain

Sitting for too long hours may lead to weight gain. Why? Because you’ll have hardly any calories burnt with your body staying stagnant and/or inactive for so long.

What’s more, there are studies that show the difference in diet-behavior between active and inactive persons are. The latter has a higher likelihood of eating more precisely because of inactivity.

The body is wired to be one that should be on the move and be dynamic. Not to the extent of going through intense exercises day in and day out.

But is not made to remain close to inert. And when it is, you will have a higher propensity to feel more hunger pangs due to the said activity irregularity.

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3. Bad for Your Cardiovascular System

Sitting for prolonged durations is unhealthy for your heart. It sways the regular flow of blood in and through said organ and towards the rest of the regions of the cardiovascular system (as well as your other bodily systems, of course).

Just as the body is meant to be active, the heart is purposed to keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle. The absence of the latter will ultimately slow down blood flow.

It can even allow the build-up of fatty acids in various parts of your blood vessels.

All of these combined will impair one’s cardiovascular workings and push the heart to operate twice more than it should. This can increase the likelihood of incurring cardiovascular diseases.

4. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Medical experts have found links between prolonged sitting and Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The medial temporal lobes, where the memory process occurs, are said to thin faster in those who sit for prolonged hours in comparison to those who don’t.

5. Takes Away from Exercise

The truth of the matter is that no matter how much of an avid exercise-enthusiast you are, working out from 45 minutes to an hour or more each day, prolonged sitting can undo all of that effort.

This is because the repercussions of prolonged sitting outweigh the benefits you get from a mere hour or two of physical activity. Compare the latter for 8 hours or more of sitting in an immobile fashion.

6. May Led to Diabetes

Studies are not yet so crystal clear as to why people who sit stationarily most hours of a day are more prone to diabetes than those who don’t. As you browse through a list of best remote control recliner chair, ponder on this fact, too.

Medical experts say that this may have something to do with hormonal imbalances and how this is related to the unstable processing of insulin.

7. DVT Or Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition wherein clots appear in and around your legs due to prolonged sitting. These clumps of blood will turn solid and can cause you pain.

But beyond this, they can travel throughout the rest of your body. If not dealt with immediately, DVT may even reach your respiratory organs.

A switch to a recliner chair is one of the most practical and ideal approaches to take in avoiding these health issues, as you work your best behind your office desk, or at home.