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How to Make a Career Out of Gaming

When it comes to choosing your future career, it’s just as important to consider what you like and enjoy as it is to think about things like salary expectations, job progression, and job security.

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How to Make a Career Out of Gaming

After all, most of us spend eight hours a day, five days a week working so it’s important that you choose a career you actually like.

If you are an avid gamer, then you will be glad to hear that there are dozens of careers in the video game industry to consider.

You may want to think about getting into game production and design or working in a role like a video game testing where you can spend your time at work playing games that have not yet been released to report any issues you find to the developer.

Top Video Game Industry Careers

If you want to work in the video game industry, then you will be glad to hear that most video game companies work with extensive development teams who are responsible for addressing all the different levels of game design, from the conceptualization of the game to the finished product. Some of the top careers to consider in the video game industry include:

Game Designer

Video game designers are responsible for developing the concept, storyline, characters, rules, and dialogue within the game.

They determine how difficult the game should be, and the obstacles that the player will come across as they complete it.

Concept Artist

Concept artists work on the game during the early stage of the developmental cycle. They work closely with art directors to determine how the video game is going to look before it enters the production process.

They do this using photographic research, digital art, and 3D modeling to create an initial look and feel for the game.


The video game producer is responsible for the business side of developing the game, including marketing the game and managing the budget.

They oversee the production, manage the developmental team, and manage the schedule to ensure that everything is completed on time.

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Game Programmer

Game programmers write the code for the game and produce playable prototypes and eventual releases.

They are responsible for implementing the mechanics of the game, adding music, coming up with the user interface, and creating the graphics, along with writing necessary algorithms to ensure that the game runs smoothly.


A scriptwriter has an important job in the video game production process. They are responsible for writing the narrative and dialogue for the plot and the story advancement of the game.

Other writers are also required to work on games, including technical writers who are responsible for creating any instruction manuals and documents to go with the game.

Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for overseeing all the developmental processes of the game. They ensure that milestones are met and liaise between the executives and the members of the design team.

In this role, you will need to be able to anticipate any potential problems or risks that might arise throughout the process and come up with solutions to quickly and effectively deal with problems that might arise.

Game Artist

Video game development companies will hire 3D artists, animators, and visual effects artists who are all responsible for developing the overall look and feel of the game.

Audio designers and sound designers are also artists who play an important part in the process since they are responsible for creating all of the sounds that are heard during the game from the theme tune to the menu sound effects.

Level Designer

Level designers are responsible for creating all of the levels and missions within the video game. They will often be inspired by the game design document and the concept art to create an environment that is believable, establish game boundaries, and develop and maintain a style that is consistent with the objectives of the game.

Localization Specialist

If the game is released in a different country, video game development companies hire localisation specialists who are responsible for translating the script and dialogue into the target language.

These professionals are also responsible for being aware of any relevant cultural sensitivities and adjusting the game as needed.

Quality Assurance

Finally, quality assurance professionals are responsible for testing the game throughout the development process. Video game testers are required to play through titles multiple times before making detailed reports of any crashes or bugs that they experience.

If you want to get into the video game industry as a freelancer and have the opportunity to try and test out different games before they are released to the public, then this might be an ideal role for you to consider.

You may want to consider investing in a Mini PC for Gaming that is designed to easily handle modern video games.

What Do You Need to Get Into the Video Game Industry?

The exact qualifications, skills, and experience that you are going to need to get into the video game industry might vary depending on the role that you want to try.

Some roles, like video game testing, require little more than a passion for gaming and several years’ experience playing different games that will put you in the best position to notice any crashes, bugs, and other issues before you make a detailed report.

Some positions, like project management, may not require gaming experience and skill, but academic achievements such as a relevant degree or experience in a previous project management role are likely to be preferred.

Other roles like game programming and desig76yyyyyn roles may require you to have a relevant qualification in game design, art, and design, visual effects design or proficiency in various programming languages that are relevant to the role.

If you are multi-lingual, you may want to consider getting into a role as a localisation specialist within the video gaming industry.

If you are passionate about gaming, then it doesn’t have to be something that you can only focus on outside of work. With the video game industry growing rapidly, there are many roles to consider.

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